“Minding my own business” #75

A couple of months back I wrote about one of my weird dreams in which I was close with somebody I wasn’t supposed to. Days passed and I got over it. I dreamt of Ritz, whom I meet everyday in office and after that dream for one day I was feeling strange around him. I was feeling ashamed of something I didn’t have control over.

For past few days, we had to work together in a situation where we had to assist one another to finish our work. Did you ever find yourself checking your phone very often even when nobody was texting you? Same was happening to me. Many a time I found myself looking at him or calling him for just no reason. I get uncomfortable if another girl is talking to him for long. I lost my shit when I found the girl my ex liked in his friend-list. Literally we are from two extreme parts of the country. The jealous woman in me just woke up from a long nap.

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I remember little things about people(Not all people but some people). It’s not hard for me because I always have a very limited number of friends. I don’t count him as my friend yet but my mind likes remembering his shit too. I knew he had a sweet tooth like me, so I gave him a box of sweets on his birthday. At first he thought, it was from the team but later I told him the truth. He didn’t expect it from me, neither did I understand why I was trying to be nice to him. Practically our interests are against one another. I realised that I should mind my own business before people start noticing me. I made my limits clear to myself. On several occasions I think about texting him or reaching him out on social media but I restrain myself.  I don’t know him, I don’t know his life, his likes and dislikes, I can’t picture myself talking to himself on odd hours, sharing our secrets or hanging out together. I should put an end to the drama that is going on in my mind and focus on what’s more important.

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