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The Boy Next Door(2015) was a Weird Movie #74

While I was catching up with one of my cousins, he suggested I watch The Boy Next Door (2015). Since I’m not up-to-date on the latest movies, I watched it without hesitation in my free time.

The Plot:

The movie is about Claire, a young and attractive teacher with a teenage son and husband who may have cheated on her. Her husband wants to start anew with their family as Claire considers separation. One day, Noah, a handsome boy who has become friends with her son, calls for help when she’s feeling frustrated after a bad date night. As she arrives at his place, he begins getting closer to her and although she initially doesn’t consent, she eventually gets carried away.

As Claire regained consciousness, she explained to Noah why taking their relationship further wasn’t practical. She began avoiding him and focused on repairing things with her family. Meanwhile, Noah hacked into her email and enrolled in the class Claire taught. He incited her son against his father, blackmailed her with intimate photos and recordings, and even plotted to kill both Claire’s husband and son.

Claire learns about Noah’s evil past as a psychopath. He murdered his parents and her friend, and repeatedly molested Claire. In the end, Claire takes back control of her life and punishes Noah.

My Final Thoughts:

I haven’t watched many thrillers before, so I can’t tell if it was a good one or not. The disturbing plot made me worry about my young cousin. He might have heard about the movie from his friends due to some steamy scenes in it. I think the movie had inappropriate content for young, impressionable minds. Overall, I’d rate The Boy Next Door, 6/10.

That’s all for today. Stay well guys. Much love. xo

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