Sex, Violence, Strong Language? #74

Esmer, a 13 year old boy and my beloved cousin. I’m seeing him from the day he was born. We lived in walkable distance until I moved to another city. In last 2 years, we couldn’t meet very often but I always wanted to stay in touch with him. I might have 10 years of age gap with him but that doesn’t make me less curious about what my little cousin is up to. Esmer has hit his adolescence, in the mean time. The boy is still not comfortable with his heavy voice, he has become way too self-concious and shy. Last time when I went home, I happened to meet him almost after 2 years. I could clearly tell that he’s changed. He is getting exposure to pornographic contents. But does age really matter for this? I think, kids these days get the exposure even before they could develop a little interest. I don’t wanna argue about the right time or right way of it but this is the situation.

I was dying to know how much progress my cousin has made so far in this regard. But I didn’t want to start it first. Moreover, for 2 years I couldn’t catch up with him, he might feel awkward in front of me now. Esmer came to our house for family gathering, so we could have share of everybody’s juicy gossip. Needless to say, I was the one having no contribution to the gossip- just paying bills and making through the weekdays don’t count in gossip. It felt nice to hear them out and remember how I grew up, how exciting my life was once. I couldn’t talk to Esmer in person for long nevertheless he showed me his crush’s photo. I too made some plot to drag him to the discussion. It wasn’t very hard because when we explore something new, we become desperate to share with someone. Otherwise there’s no fun!

A few days after my return from hometown Esmer pinged me.

Didi(Elder sister), you watch porno? ”

-” I have watched some. Why?”

“Have you watched 50 shades of grey?”

-“Yeah… I have”

“Me too(Super excited)! My friends watch such things a lot… I too watch sometimes!(shy smiley face)”

At some point of this conversation he suggested me to watch another movie. I made sure not to sound like a boring elder sister, rather I let him speak his mind. Esmer’s crush doesn’t like him, I was consoling him for that. Esmer’s final exam started and I was not supposed to disturb him during this time. Meanwhile I watched the movie from Netflix.

The movie was under sex, strong language and violence tags. Very well, let’s dig deep to find out more. 

The movie was about a woman Claire having a teenager son and a husband who had probably cheated on her before. Claire was young and attractive. She was a teacher in a school. A boy Noah came to her neighbourhood and became a good friend of her son. Claire was at a point of getting seperated with her husband and her husband wanted to have a fresh start with his family. Noah was a handsome guy. One night, as Claire was too frusted and depressed coming from a bad date night, Noah called her up for some help. As she reached his place, he started getting close to her. She didn’t give her consent at first but got carried away.

As Claire came to her sense, she explained Noah why it wasn’t practical to take a relationship with him forward. Claire started to avoid Noah and tried to make things right in her family. On the other hand, Noah hacked her email and got himself admitted in the class Claire taught, provoked her son against his dad. He blackmailed her with the photos and recording of their intimate moments. He also plotted to kill Claire’s husband and son.

 Claire came to know about his evil background. Noah was a psychopath. He murdered his parents and Claire’s friend. He molested Claire serveral times.

The movie has some disturbing fight scenes and violence, molestation and nudity. Young boys like Edmer watch the movie for 1 minute sex scene but there’s lot more than that. I’m afraid that he is not enough matured to understand the underlying messages, his mind is not trained to pick only good or positive things from internet. He needs to understand what is right and what is not. Very often curious kids end up in darker corner of internet and that advertly affect their lives. Parents don’t have a clue of it because very often kids don’t share a friendly relationship with them. 

It’s not in my hand to restrict Esmer to explore new things from internet and his classmates but one thing I want to do. I want to know, how he deciphers this things. I want to see the same thing but from 13 yo boy’s point of view. I am waiting for a suitable time to talk to him and understand him. 

That’s all for today. Stay well guys. Much love. xo

Special Note: Comment below the movie I just talked about, let’s see how many of you got it right!

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