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5 Responsible Girls’ on a Night Out #73

Last weekend, I went to see a movie and then had a girls’ night out. I enjoyed the company of my sister’s college friend Aru, who is lively and funny. She brought along two friends, Geet and Sush. While I knew Geet from before, Sush was new to me.

We watched Justice League together but arrived ten minutes late for the show. Despite this, we were able to follow the plot without any difficulty. Without giving away too much about the movie (in case you haven’t seen it yet), in my opinion it felt more like a trailer than an actual film.

After the movie, we headed to a café. It was quite a feat fitting five girls into one auto – typically only three adults can fit in the back seat of an auto. However, my company insisted on squeezing all five of us into that space. This isn’t an uncommon scenario in India, but it’s not something we do very often either. At first, our auto driver didn’t agree with us, but the girls convinced him to let us try anyway. We couldn’t wait until midnight for any cab/bus/auto from the cinema hall and had no other options at that time. So we got on the auto with two girls sitting on each other’s laps and me being lucky enough to sit normally in the middle.

I was also the youngest of our group by at least 5 or 6 years; Aru treated me like a little girl sometimes. On our way to the café, we made jokes about how cramped our ride was.

What would people think if they saw five girls getting off one auto? The staff will surely ask to see our cards before taking our orders, just to make sure we can pay for ourselves. But it’s unwise to judge us by our faces alone. Aru and her friends have well-paying jobs, and I have enough integrity not to steal or use dishonest means (my job isn’t exactly high-earning at this point). We sat in the café for about an hour, gossiping and giggling until the place came alive. Thankfully, they didn’t ask for our cards before taking our orders!

Finally, we headed to Aru and Geet’s flat – our final destination for the night. It was cozy and comfortable, almost like home. Every time I stay there, she gives me a night dress that fits better than my own. She also provides me with a bed full of stuffed toys and soft pillows. Plus, my mobile automatically connects to their Wi-Fi network – what more could anyone want? As usual, this visit was no exception. After changing into pajamas, I laid down on her bed until they woke me up when dinner arrived.

During dinner Sush made sarcastic yet funny comments throughout the meal. Although it was my first time meeting her, she was friendly enough. Afterwards, four of the girls decided to play games while I felt very sleepy; however they didn’t force me to join them which I appreciated as everyone has their own way of enjoying things.

I went to bed early instead of staying up all night playing games with everyone. Fortunately, no one pressured me to stay up and I was able to get a good night’s sleep. The next morning, after waking up feeling refreshed at Aru and Geet’s place…

I enjoy spending a night out with my girlfriends who have a good sense of humor, are successful and independent women that I can look up to. It’s refreshing to have an adventure-free, alcohol-free, boyfriend-free and drama-free evening without any mean gossiping or negativity.

That’s all for today. Stay well folks. Much love. xo

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