Responsible Girls’ Night Out #73

Last weekend, I went for a movie followed by a girls’ night out. I had a pleasant company indeed. My sister’s college friend, Aru is a lively and funny girl. She brought two of her friends- Geet and Sush. For my last night out with them, I knew Geet but Sush. We watched Justice League together. Although we were 10 minutes late for the movie, it didn’t affect our understanding to much extent. I don’t wanna spoil the movie if you are yet to watch it but according to me it appeared more of a trailer than a movie to me.

After movie, we headed towards a cafè. That was another big deal. 5 girls in 1 auto. Generally 3 adult can sit in the back seat of an auto. But my company insisted to get 5 people fit in 3’s place. In India it’s not an unusual scenario, although we don’t do like this very often. Our auto driver didn’t agree with us at first but the girls convinced him. It was very difficult to get any cab/bus/auto from the cinema hall and we couldn’t wait there till midnight. We got on the auto with 2 girls on the lap of other 2 girls, me being the lucky person sitting in the middle normally. I was the youngest of the group having minimum of 5/6 years of age gap. Aru treats me like a little girl. On our way to the cafè, we were making jokes on our auto-ride. What would people think of us when they would see 5 girls getting off one auto. The staff will surely want to see our cards before placing the orders in order to make sure that we could pay our own bills. But it would be unwise to judge us by our faces. Aru and both of her friends have well earning jobs and I have enough value not to steal/use dishonest means (job is far from well-earning at this point). We sat in the cafè for one hour or so, our gossips and giggling made the cafè alive. Thankfully, they didn’t want to see our cards before the orders!

Finally we headed towards our final destination for the night, Aru and Geet’s flat. It’s nice and comfy and I almost feel like home. Every time she gives a night dress that fits me better than her. She gives me a bed full of stuffed toys and soft pillows. My mobile gets connected automatically to their Wi-Fi. What more can anybody want?

This time too there was no exception. As soon as I put on the pajama, I laid down on her bed. After a while, when the food was delivered they woke me up. We had dinner together. All this time, Sush was being sarcastic and equally funny. Although I met her for the first time, she was friendly enough. After dinner four of the girls decided to stay awake and play games. As I was feeling very sleepy they didn’t force me to join them. I acted like a complete party pooper and went straight towards bed. I like the people who don’t force me to try enjoy things. Everybody has their own way to enjoy. I just had a nice sleep, I woke up in the morning and returned to my place.

I like such adventure-less, alcohol-free, boy-friend free, mean bitching free night out with girls who have a witty humour, who are doing great in their lives, whom I can look up to as single and successful independent women.

That’s all for today. Stay well folks. Much love. xo

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