Sticking to what you love #71

Who doesn’t want to be cool? But being cool doesn’t necessarily be easy always. Some people feel cool in following the mass and some standing well out of them. Many of today’s internet famous personalities have been bullied in the school/college-life, they might be frowned at by their neighbours even now after all this virtual fame. But in the beginning there must have been one day when they believed in themselves and ignored all the rest. If you are too self conscious and too bothered about what others might say or think, you might be missing out the things that you love.

Phanny is a girl from my school. I didn’t have a close interaction with her. After high school she got admission into a medical college due to the privilege of reservation. Being doctor was a dream of mine imposed by my parents. Neither had I the merit nor the reservation. I envied with her for this. When I started liking my own life, those things seemed to be little significant. 

I graduated as an engineer and Phanni as a doctor. She used to dress like a boy, no make up, no fancy accessories, no girly haircut. Phanni could draw well. I was in 6th standard when somebody told me that Phanny was fond of drawing naked women. I felt really weird not knowing what to make out of it. Recently an article published in our local newspaper with Phanny’s photo. It was all about her new hobby and passion. 

Cosplay. In a small town where we grew up, it’s not a thing people would appreciate or welcome. When she moved to the city for her medical studies, she found her new interest. She had interest in Japanese anime since her childhood and now she had a chance to dress up like one of her favourite characters. Although a few contests are organised for cosplay lovers here, she manages to get involved in them. It’s not earning her any money at this point. Making the costume and make up are taken care by her. She asks budding photographers for the photoshoot and editing as they would charge less. She dresses up as both male and female characters- male characters suits her more though.

Sometimes she posts her photos and videos. Photos mostly for suggestions to do better and videos for entertainment purpose. As I watched some of them, I couldn’t help appreciating her effort and confidence. English is not her first language, nor mine. Talking to the camera, it may take some time for getting rid of the awkwardness but this is a good start indeed. 

I appreciate her passion. Last week I had a talk with her after probably 5 years, just to hear about her hobby and how she has come with it so far. This are small reminders to me to keep my weird hobbies alive, to stick with it no matter how many adulthood responsibilities weigh me down. It just gets difficult at times to make time for things that rejuvenate your mind but the satisfaction is worth the efforts after all.

I hope you too are taking your passion ahead with you in life. 😀

That’s all for today. Stay well guys. Much love xo

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