Need Changes Our Attitude #68

I felt this several times in my life. I used to feel bad for not having minimal connection with my college friends after graduation. Apart from 2-3 people whom I counted for my close friends, there were many classmates whom I had helped many times in studies and stuffs. Even though we never had terms of sharing secrets or hanging out together I thought that I had a cordial relationship with them. But as soon as I wasn’t beneficial to them, I stopped receiving that too-nice-to-be-true  treatment.
Over time my views have changed and now I find myself among one of those “selfish” people. Involuntarily I too act in the same way. Recently one small incident lead me to this realisation. 

Mriha is one of the 3 Bengali girls in my hostel. Her room is just opposite to mine. Rest of the people are either local or coming from other parts of India, speaking in no common tongue. The day she came to know I’m Bengali, she came forward and talked to me. But after that I never happened to exchange a smile or have a small talk with her. Some thing about Mriha was really wierd to me. Oneday out of no where she asked me if I could give her a book that I own. The strange thing is she has never come inside my room and I keep the door closed most of the time. How this girl could manage to see that book in my room! Maybe while she was passing by the door was open and she saw it. Even if we didn’t talk or know each other but the faces, she asked me. Normally when I’m in hostel, I don’t stand here and there and chitchat will the other girls, I keep to myself. 

Days passed like this and my interaction with Mriha didn’t get better. Then there was a wedding invitation for which I had to wear a saree. I realized that there was literally nobody to help me wearing a saree. Maybe Mriha knows how to wear a saree. I can ask her if there’s no other option left. And that day onwards I was nice with her. It was not that I was avoiding her before but now whenever I see her, I greet her with a smile.

I still don’t know if she can really help me or not but the possibility changed my behaviour towards her. It will be very rude of me if I stop talking to her once again when I’m done with the wedding invitation!

That’s all for today. Stay well folks! Much love xo 

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