Dark Confessions from Life #64

Since my last confession post, I was kind of feeling better. I haven’t made any confession on internet before, not even in sarahah! I am always skeptical about the admins of the confession pages. What if this guy/girl actually knows me? What if he/she posts my name too. Basically I don’t have faith in such media to convey my message to the right person whom I couldn’t say it in person. Today I’m in a mood to talk about some of the weird shit I’ve done/do.

Flawless Candids

I get so jealous when I see how gorgeous my friends look in their candid photos. I don’t have any friend who would eagerly click a nice photo of mine. The truth is I can never have a decent candid photo because I might be digging into my nose while nobody’s watching or making weird faces to stranger kids, pulling my low waist jeans to hide my butt-crack or gobbling food with foods all over my face and hand. I’m pretty much clumsy and unattractive- I know that’s a fact not a confession but just told you what it would have been like to see a candid photo of mine.

I’mma farting carrot

I’ve come across a lot of memes about people bursting into laughter at dead-serious moments. I want to see memes about farting at serious moments. Our manager is having some important discussion with us and my inner self is trying too hard to look serious, my muscles are clenching themselves to their best to prevent the gasbomb to come out of my body. It never worked out though.

Call me maybe!

I have come across a few desperate guys who wanted my contact number on the first day of our meet. Sometimes it was too irrelevant and random to ask for. I remember a time when I attended a robotics workshop in some college. I happened to meet my childhood friend there, who was working as a volunteer for such events and workshops. One day I met her in the corridor as I was passing by. As we started talking a random dude(2 years senior to us) jumped into our conversation, added his unwanted insights and as I was leaving he asked me my contact number. I could have said “no” if I didn’t like it. Rather I gave him a wrong number. Actually it was my previous number that got discontinued for some reason. The guy was clever enough to call my number in front of me. It rang but my phone wasn’t in my hand. I walked as fast as possible to get out of this.

What is mine, is always mine.

I’ve always been taught that taking things of others without telling them is stealing. In my childhood, I used to have some cool pen, pencils, box etc. Those were cool, expensive and hard to get in regular shops. Some of my classmates used to steal my stuffs from desk or directly from my bag. I have complained to teachers as well but they failed to stop those kids from stealing. I am very particular about my possessions. Those who used to steal my things weren’t needy, they did it for fun. I kept an eye on them and stole my things back when I got chance. I don’t know if I should be ashamed of this or not.

Besides these, once in my life I prank-called somebody. I was about 6/7 years old then. At the same time period I peed in a place I wasn’t supposed to. I read my somebody’s personal diary without her consent.

Sometimes I want to slap people on their butts. I have weird dreams about people and I overthink about them. I eat from my siblings share every once in a while and pretend like it was mine. At times I read the message from notification bar to avoid replying. I pretend not to see people in public place if I’m not in mood. I always have an eye on the chocolate that somebody’s having in front of me. I always google for correct spelling and search youtube for proper pronounciation. This cannot be all of my accomplishments. 😀

That’s all for the day! Stay well. Much love xo

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