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Dark Confessions from Life #64

Since my last confession post, I’ve been feeling better. This is actually my first time confessing on the internet, not even in Sarahah(anonymous confession app)! I’m always skeptical about the admins of these confession pages. What if they actually know me and post my name? Basically, I don’t trust this medium to convey my message to the right person when I couldn’t say it in person. Today, I feel like talking about some of the weird things that I’ve done or still do.

Flawless Candid

I get jealous when I see how gorgeous my friends look in their candid photos. None of my friends would eagerly take a nice photo of me. The truth is, I can never have a decent candid photo because I might be digging into my nose or making weird faces to stranger kids, pulling up low waist jeans to hide my butt-crack, or gobbling food with it all over my face and hand. I’m pretty clumsy and unattractive – that’s just a fact.

I am a farting carrot

I’ve seen many memes of people laughing during serious moments, but I’d like to see some about farting in those same situations. During an important discussion, I try hard to maintain a serious demeanor while my muscles clench to hold back the gas building up inside me. Unfortunately, it never works out.

Call me maybe!

I’ve encountered desperate guys who ask for my contact number within 30 minutes after meeting them. It’s often irrelevant and random. One time, I attended a robotics workshop at a college and ran into my childhood friend who was volunteering there. While chatting with her in the corridor, a random guy (two years older than us) interjected his unwanted insights and asked for my number as I was leaving. I could have said “no” if I didn’t want to give it to him, but instead, I gave him an old number that had been discontinued for some reason. The guy called the number in front of me, but since it wasn’t my current phone, I quickly walked away from the situation.

What is mine, is always mine.

I’ve always been taught that taking things from others without their permission is stealing. In my childhood, I had some cool pens, pencils, and boxes that were expensive and hard to find in regular shops. Unfortunately, some of my classmates would steal them from my desk or directly from my bag. Despite complaining to teachers about the thefts, they failed to stop the kids who stole from me. I’m very particular about my possessions and those who took them didn’t need them; they did it for fun. So, I kept an eye on them and stole back what was mine when I had the chance. Now I don’t know if I should be ashamed of this or not.

Besides these, I once prank-called someone when I was 6 or 7 years old. During that same time period, I urinated in an unauthorized location and read someone’s personal diary without their consent. Sometimes, I want to slap people on the buttocks. I have peculiar dreams about individuals and tend to overthink them. Occasionally, I eat from my siblings’ portions and pretend it is mine. At times, instead of replying to messages, I read them from the notification bar. If not in the mood, I pretend not to see acquaintances in public places. Whenever someone has chocolate in front of me, my eyes are always fixated on it. Correct spelling is ensured by Googling while YouTube is used for proper pronunciation searches; this may not be all of my accomplishments though!😀

That’s all for the day! Stay well. Much love xo

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