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The Worst Freshers’ Parties of All Time #63

Whenever I look at old photos or Facebook memories, I cringe. I can’t believe people tolerated my pseudo-intellectual writing and horrible English (even worse than this). My tastes and preferences have changed over time, and they continue to do so. Someday, I’ll probably hate everything about these blogs when I revisit them – but that’s okay. It’s good to keep some references for the future.

Today, I was thinking about my freshman party and wanted to share it here. As freshly graduated high schoolers, we were a group of kids with no idea what to do next. Despite being bright students capable of more than just engineering, we were excited for the inevitable massacre that awaited us in nameless private colleges. Putting those dark thoughts aside, I remember the day of our freshman party as the only time when we felt treated well.

One good thing about my school was that I didn’t experience bullying for being “ugly.” I never realized that I had bushy eyebrows. My hair was never manageable, so I used to tie it tightly, exposing my large forehead. Pimple scars and dark circles didn’t bother me much. In high school, I took my studies seriously and ignored many things that are great deals for any teenager. It was probably one or two weeks after starting engineering college when I heard about the fresher’s day. Our beloved seniors told us to wear anything in red or black.

I didn’t have anything suitable for the occasion, so I asked my mom for help. At first, she wasn’t convinced about buying a new dress just for a college function, but after some persuasion, she agreed to buy me one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cute red top or anything that fit my style. Instead, my mom bought me a red salwar suit which was traditional attire – not what I had in mind at all. Although I’m no expert on styling myself, I managed to borrow some matching accessories from my cousin.

Now came the most horrible part – make-up! As someone who doesn’t wear much make-up and prefers natural beauty looks (if any), this was quite daunting for me. All I could do was put some foundation on my face and dab generous amounts of face powder without considering if it matched my skin tone or not. For my eyes, I applied eyeliner but can’t remember clearly if I did anything with my lips – needless to say though; it wasn’t exactly flattering as it made me look like the Joker from IT movie!

There was my roommate Jeda, who wore a red kurti and looked decent. She had big round eyes and a cute smile that made guys go gaga. However, I never found her that gorgeous. We both arrived at college together well before time. In college, our other friend Leslee was waiting for us. Jeda and I have the same complexion – brown. I looked desperate while Jeda looked fine. Leslee is pale white and generally doesn’t apply makeup but on this day, her face was glowing like never before even though she didn’t have any accessories or anything fancy on her person; just loose hair down to her waist and dressed in a decent looking red and black suit. She’s naturally pretty but seemed dull for the occasion when I asked her about it she said “I don’t know how to get ready for a party like this.” Leslee ended up being our all-time topper who everyone loved because she was friendly, funny, smart, & beautiful!

After a brief conversation and photo session, the three of us headed towards the auditorium. Jeda was noticed by many guys that day and even received some proposals. I may have been a topic of laughter for the day. Nothing particularly exciting happened, but we did take some photos that will remain on the internet forever to keep me grounded and humble. I wish I could share those photos here as proof. 😀

Why I hated my Freshers’ Party-
Looking back at those days after so many years, with a different and more matured point of view I can tell why in particular my freshers’ party sucked.
1.I’m not really a people-person. Crowds overwhelm me, so I prefer parties where I can mingle with a small group of people and have meaningful conversations or joke around while singing along to my favorite songs. Unfortunately, none of that happened at the party I attended. I didn’t make any new friends and felt like I was gatekeeping Jeda, who many guys wanted to sit next to. A few people even asked if I wanted to switch seats with them, which wasn’t a great feeling.
2. My experience would have been much better if they had served good food. I would have happily minded my own business. Unfortunately, there was no food!
3. I didn’t feel cute. Feeling and looking cute don’t always mean the same thing. I lacked knowledge about fashion, but my gut told me something was off. I’m more confident when I dress myself well for a party.
4. Last but not least, let’s make good memories at parties. Funny ones that we can laugh about for years to come – unexpected moments that catch us off guard. Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened!

Some more fun facts from the fresher’s day and later-
1. Just a few days after our Fresher’s Party, my roommate and classmate Jeda was proposed to by a guy in our class. They dated for 5-6 years before eventually breaking up. Despite my earnest attempts, it has been impossible to keep in touch with Jeda as she is now more inclined towards spirituality and keeps to herself.
2. Our Topper, Leslee, has married her college sweetheart. I saw many of my fellow classmates at the wedding. She remains as sociable as she was a decade ago.
3. Now I get why I looked terrible in the red suit my mom gave me for the party. My undertone is cool, but the dress had a warm undertone and was orange-red. Basically, it wasn’t my color. I never wore that dress again until recently when I repurposed it!

**Used different names for my classmates for protecting their privacy. I hope they love their new names!

Stay well homies. Much love xo

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