Fresher’s Party #63

Whenever I go through old photos of mine my whole body cringes out. Same thing happens when FaceBook shows me memories from the past. I wonder how could people have tolerated my pseudo-intellectual stuff in horrible English(even worse than this). My taste and preferences have changed a lot over time and they are still changing. I’m sure one day I’ll come to visit this blogs and hate everything about them. But that’s fine. It’s good to keep some references for the future.

Today I was thinking about how my fresher’s party was and I want to share the same here. Freshly graduated from high schools, we were the bunch of kids having no idea what to do with our precious life. All the bright kids who could do so much more than just engineering, were so much excited about the inevitable massacre that was eagerly waiting for us in the nameless private engineering colleges. Anyways, keeping those darkness aside I could remember the day we had our fresher’s party. The only time I thought that we would be treated well.

One good thing about my school was I didn’t experience bullying for being ugly. I never realised that I had bushy uni-brows. My hair was never manageable, I used to tie my hair tightly exposing my large forehead. I was not much bothered about the pimple scars or dark circles. Upto high school I took my studies quite seriously and ignored many things that are great deals for any teenager. It was probably one or two weeks after my admission to the engineering college, when I heard about the fresher’s day. Our beloved seniors also told us to wear anything in red/black.

I didn’t have anything fit for the occasion. I approached mom for it. She wasn’t much convinced at first with the idea of buying a new dress just for a college function. After a lot of drama, finally she agreed to buy me a dress. Nowhere I could find a cute red top or anything. Finally my mom bought a red salwar suit for me. I wasn’t expecting to turn up in traditional apparel on that day but I had no other choice. Although I was no expert of styling, I had to have some matching accessories too. I managed get some from my cousin. Now comes the make-up part. The most horrible part indeed. I’m a no-make-up person. I don’t know how to apply make-up and look like naturally beautiful. I guess I put some compact on my face and dabbed generous amount of face powder on my face. Needless to say none of those products were bought according to my skin tone. I applied some eyeliner on my eyes, don’t remember about the lips clearly. I wasn’t far behind the joker from the movie IT.

There was my roomie Jeda, who wore a red kurti, looked decent. She has big round eyes and cute smile. I have seen guys to go gaga for those eyes. However, I never found her that much gorgeous. We both reached college together well before time. In college, we had our another friend waiting for us. Her name is Leslee. Jeda and I have almost same complexion- brown. I was looking like “desperation”, Jeda was looking fine. Leslee is pale-white. Generally she doesn’t apply make-up as well. But that day Leslee’s face was glowing like never before. She didn’t have accessories or anything fancy. Her hair was set loose that was upto her waist. She came in a decent looking red and black suit. She’s naturally pretty but was looking a little dull for the occasion. As I asked her, she said, “I don’t know how to get ready for a party like this.” Leslee was our all-time topper. She was friendly and funny. Everybody loved her a lot.

After a short conversation and photo session we three headed towards the auditorium. On that day, Jeda was noticed by a lot of guys. Even she got some proposals. I must have been a topic to laugh about for that day.

Nothing exciting happened on that day. Just we got some photos clicked that will remain on internet forever to keep me grounded and humble. I wish I could share those photos here as a proof. 😀

Stay well homies. Much love xo

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