Illegal Dreams #58

Dreams. I can’t tell you how many times I had to convince myself that dreams have nothing to do with reality. I’m a typical pisces person, that makes me official daydreamer. But today I wanna talk about the dreams that I have when my body is resting on the bed and my mind is stoned af.

The thought of writing it off triggered after having a really weird dream recently. Sometimes my dreams are so strange that I can’t help cringing about it after waking up. This is embarrassing, I can barely talk to somebody about this. I fear that people would also judge me in the same way that I do to myself every morning after waking up from a weird dream.

After several such incidents now I really want to know, is this the possibility my fully awake mind could never come up with? I’m just curious! Probably I can’t write about the nastiest stuff that I had ever dreamt. But I can pick up a relatively innocent one.

Currently I’m single. It’s been quite a while being so. I’m in my early 20s struggling hard to understand the meaning of life. I really don’t know what to do with my life. People around me are so organised, at least they know where they want to see themselves in the upcoming years. Here I’m desperately searching for a sign that would change my life! Although I am pretty sure, things don’t work in this way. Nothing comes easy, we need to acquire it for ourselves. So most of the time, I am stressed about my career, planning for future etc. Relationship, flirtationship and any other ship of this family don’t have place on my plate right now. I’m too ugly for it. I don’t think about hitting on guys anymore or even if I find somebody cute I don’t bother pursuing him knowing the obvious consequences.

Back to the dreams again! This Wednesday I had a really confusing, thrilling, eventful long dream. Out of nowhere, Ritz(my colleague) had a guest appearance in that for like 30 seconds. Suddenly he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and we both started smiling. Amongst all the other strange things that I dreamt, this is the part I clearly remember after waking up. Now a little background of Ritz: we are recently working on the same project, he’s problably of my age. Till now, my interaction with him has been quite formal. I don’t know much about him. The most important thing is that I have never thought about him in this way. Anyways I went to office on that day and everytime we were talking those weird thoughts were coming in my mind. I was feeling awkward for no reason.

Maybe it’s just another dream I shouldn’t think about.

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