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Have your Dreams ever felt Illegal? #58

I dream a lot. I’m a typical Pisces, so that makes me an official daydreamer. But today I want to talk about the dreams I have when my body is resting and my mind is relaxed. The idea to write this came after having a really weird dream recently. Sometimes they’re so strange that I cringe after waking up! It’s embarrassing – I can barely talk to someone about it because of fear of judgement from myself or others. After several such incidents, I’ve become curious: Is this something my fully awake mind could never come up with?

I probably can’t write about the nastiest stuff that I’ve ever dreamed, but here’s one example of a relatively innocent one…

I’m currently single and it’s been a while. I’m in my early 20s, struggling to understand the meaning of life. I don’t know what to do with my life; people around me are so organized—they know where they want to be in the coming years. I’m desperately searching for something that will change my life, but I know things don’t work like that: nothing comes easy, we have to get it ourselves. So most of the time, I’m stressed about my career and planning for the future. Relationships, flirtation-ships, or any other kind of “ship” aren’t on my plate right now. Even if someone catches my eye, I don’t bother pursuing them.

I had a long, confusing, thrilling and eventful dream this Wednesday. Out of nowhere, a very handsome guy made an unexpected guest appearance for 30 seconds. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer while we smiled at each other. This is the part I remember most clearly after waking up. This scene is almost similar to the rooftop kiss between Toby and Gwen in The Amazing Spiderman movie except the part that I didn’t kiss this handsome guy in my dream.

There is nothing illegal about this dream- I just couldn’t stop thinking about this complete stranger for few hours after I got up. Apparently our brain can’t create new faces, the faces that we see in our dreams are the people we have met in our real life at some point. Not sure where I met this heartthrob! 😛

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