It Started With a Joke! #57

It was an amazing dinner with my colleague Keith on a Friday night. This was much needed after such a hectic week. Keith is senior to me in office but a really good friend. Both of us have one thing in common- love for food. Whenever any one of us is in the mood of eating something good, the other person will give company without asking further questions. It’s been a great experience to hang with him and explore some of the finest restaurants in the city. But one thing I have always observed about Keith. He always wants to pay the bill. His salary is much more than mine. But that’s not the point. He thinks it would be odd in the other way!

Whenever I’m going for shopping or something it’s obvious that I will pay for my part. If I can’t afford it, I won’t buy it in the first place. Maybe on a special occasion one can give me a treat or maybe a chocolate or something really inexpensive but not a regular day. Keith is a nice and well behaved guy. He paid the bill on the first day when we went for a lunch. But later on I made it clear that I will continue to accompany him if only I can pay for myself. Although he wasn’t ready to accept it at first but eventually he did. I don’t want to brag about myself but ladies, here’s my point. If you’re working as well, there’s nothing wrong to pay for yourself. Why should guys have to pay for us all the time?

Even before finishing my own sentence, another question popped into my head. What if, you don’t have a job? My mom quit her job when she was pregnant with me and decided to be a full-time mom. My father was the only earning member in my family. We didn’t have a luxurious life. I have seen mom to hesistate to ask for money if she needed something at times. I always tried to make her understand, “Though you are not to going to office, you are doing something money couldn’t do.” Just in case your wife is a housewife and you think she merely has any work to do, remember a day she was sick or she went to somewhere leaving the children with you. Husband of a renowned Bollywood actress decided to stay back and work from home as his wife was doing pretty well and she could barely give time to her family for the increasing work pressure. He is raising the child and taking care of household like a boss. This guy has received a lot of criticism and negative remarks but that couldn’t stop him from being such a wonderful person.

All I wanted to say is, if a man cooks for his family or a woman pays the bill, it doesn’t change the sexuality of that person. Can we not stop making jokes out of this things and start looking beyond such gender-stereotypes and support all the brave and beautiful human beings who are making it a point to change the norms, to make the world a better place crushing the gender barrier? 🖖💗

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