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Background (#55th post)

It’s been more than a year I’ve been living in South but this was the very first time for me to attend a south Indian wedding. By this time, I’m pretty much aware of the fact that our cultural differences are huge. But these differences are beautiful in its own way. So I didn’t keep any negative vibes towards things that I’m not familiar with. 

Unfortunately I missed Rohini’s ( the bride) sangeet for some work at my office. But under any circumstances I didn’t want to miss her wedding-reception. Ro’s reception was on Tuesday( which happened to be our national holiday) and her wedding was on the following morning. So basically everybody was supposed to attend the reception even if not the wedding. In order to attend her wedding one has to take a half-day leave from office, which wasn’t feasible for most of us. 

Anyway at this point of time, I had exactly 2 dresses that I could wear in the reception. One was a dress, properly fit to my body, simple but elegant. The other one was a bit ornamental, ideal for the event but a misfit. Already I had got the second dress altered once but even then it wasn’t close to something that fits my body! I put it aside and decided to wear the simple one. I was mentally prepared to look the most ordinary one. In the mean time Piyasa called me up to discuss about dresses. It seemed that she had too many options and she was having a hard time to select one dress. Anyway, as soon as she was done with her thing she asked me to show my dress. “That’s way too simple! Wear something else tonight!”, she said.

Since last 2 days, I had built the mindset to feel good in whatever outfit I wear. It’s okay if my dress isn’t the best one or anything. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. But as soon as I heard Piyasa’s words my self-esteem and all such lofty ideas vanished. Merely 2 hours were left before we start from our place. My hair wasn’t done, I didn’t have lunch and now a false confidence was building in my mind that, “Maybe I can alter this piece of shit by myself!” I have some basic knowledge of how to stitch but that doesn’t suffice in such complex needs. I don’t know how to take measurements and despite that I started stitching the sides of the top. I had literally no idea what I was doing. I was repeatedly putting it on, having some eye estimations and again starting with the needle and thread. My room turned into a hot mess as time went on and so did my “trial and error” method of altering my dress. Finally the dress turned out to be something manageable. 

I had to finish rest of the things( such as make-up, hair-do etc) very fast in order to reach in time. Although nobody could tell how much effort I put in, everybody liked my dress. As we reached the venue, already some rituals were going on. Rohini and her fiancè were standing approx. 8 ft. apart from each other. The main thing what I could understand is one person from each of their families were coming to other side to convince the bride/bride-groom for marriage. It was funny that their marriage was already fixed and happening on the very next day but it was part of some ritual of the marriage itself. So basically Rohini’s family members were going to her fiancè to convince him and his family members were coming to Ro to brag about the guy. There were music, lights, camera, flowers and a lot of strangers. All were speaking in their native language ( I don’t really understand it) and having a great time. As the wedding was on the next day, couldn’t witness anything more about the wedding. After this, we had to wait for an hour or so to congratulate the couple in person and hand over the gift.

Then one more hour to make it through the buffet. I was so hungry that my inner organs were making sound of a dying whale. Now before I say anything about food, let me tell you something. I’m a hard-core non-vegeterian. In fact all the people are same as me in the place where I belong. We are well-known for our love of food. Keeping it aside, I was never a huge fan of green vegetables( I know this is not cool but this is how it is.) I have never attended a wedding ceremony serving only veg cuisines. Here brahmins are vegetarian and no exception to Ro’s family. Although without her family’s knowledge she might have had one or two chicken wings with us but that doesn’t mean they would serve any meat in their family function. All the people whom I knew were vegetarian and didn’t seem to have any trouble with the food. I knew nobody could appreciate my condition there so I didn’t utter anything.

I don’t want to rant about anything even if there were a little bit of discomfort here and there. Overall I loved to be a part of Ro’s wedding. It was a nice experience!

Ps: Please pardon me if I got it wrong about the ritual I talked about even though nobody’s gonna collect fact from this. 😀😶

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