Dysfunctional Wedding-shopping for My Colleague’s Wedding #55

A lot of things happened since I posted any blog here- my colleague’s wedding is definitely one of the interesting events.

Expectation, eh?🤦‍♀️

I happened to meet Rohini four months ago I when joined my present company. She’s really close to my teammates. My peers treat Ro as their sister. These guys bring lunch boxes for each other, hang out together on weekends, go for shopping, long drives and what not! Ro shares her personal matters with them. I was quite a stranger to all these people. I never expected to witness such good friendship at work place. Anyway, as a month passed I came to know that Ro is about to get married. Her home is a 2 hours’ flight away, where she had her engagement ceremony.

From that I assumed that her marriage is also going to be in her home town. Plus, I don’t have much interaction with her. So there’s no question of inviting me to her wedding. Honestly, I wasn’t bothered too. But as the time of her wedding approached, it became the only discussion on the lunch table everyday. My teammates accompanied Ro in her wedding shopping and other activities. On the contrary it became very awkward for me to sit and listen to all the discussions of a wedding I wasn’t supposed to get invitation of. Anyway I was cool with the fact that I got no responsibility.

Once or twice, my peers asked me what I have planned to wear in her sangeet and reception. I never had this discussion in front of Ro. I was getting no indication from Ro herself. As per my thoughts and calculations, I was still not counting myself in. 5 days prior to her wedding, Ro came to me with a wedding-invitation card. I was so confused!

The Rush!🏃‍♀️

I was still thinking that venue to be somewhere in her hometown which would cost 15k Rs. for round trip. That’s clearly not affordable for me. Just 2 days before her  sangeet my misunderstandings were clarified. Ro’s sangeet and wedding were in a nearby place. I have office on both of these days and like any other girl I can’t attend a wedding without going to shopping. That’s fine but when will I go? What will I wear? When will I get the dress altered?
Damn! So many things I had to do at the last moment just because I couldn’t foresee my colleague inviting me to her wedding.

 Funeral of money💸

I hopped in a cab and rushed the nearest shopping mall after my work is over. But what shall I wear for the 3 days- sangeet, wedding, reception? I clearly need 3 different dresses. By the time I reached the mall, only 2 hours were left for the shops to close. I literally ran from one end to the other to have a glimpse of all the collections and got the best deal. I managed to buy one dress. Now that I bought the dress, I needed matching accessories! But the shop was announcing to hurry up as they were about to close it. I grabbed some random accessories, paid the bill and returned with hands full of bags.

How and when the my shopping actually became dysfunctional will be clear as I will talk about the actual day(The wedding)!

(To be continued in the next post) 💑

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