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A Pinch of Regret is enough to Spoil My Mood #52

When I freshly joined Facebook, I was probably in high school. For the first couple of years it was the platform to reply to every strangers who said “Hello” to me. I accepted literally all the friend requests I got at that time. I used to talk to them too. But one thing I always tried to maintain- never share too much with a stranger. I was very shy and introverted, I could never go to a person and start a conversation in real life.

But with texting it was kind of different. I became a lot more expressive than I actually was in real life. I never met any strangers from Facebook. Casual talking, tagging people, poking – nothing more than that. This continued till when I came across some creeps over social media. It was the most obvious and inevitable thing to happen!

Anyway after that I restrained myself from talking to people whom I didn’t know in person. I started checking the backgrounds and mutual friends of the people who sent requests. That’s how I kicked the unwanted nuisance out of my virtual life. Nevertheless I get messages from from unknown people sometimes and I choose not to respond if it doesn’t look like anything important. Whatever I have told you till now is just to give you a better understanding of the situation. Now I can proceed to the actual thing!
This is actually continuation of an incident. (Read the background here. The second part)

Today I was in a mood to eat something good. So I opened Zomato and was going through some reviews to find a good restaurant. Suddenly I came across a review of tasting session! After doing a little research I found the group of people who actually are invited by restaurants to test and review their newly launched menus.

 This is exactly what a stranger( an apparently eminent food-blogger) told me on Instagram a week ago. As he invited me too for the testing session, I asked him a few questions about the event. The guy didn’t feel good about answering my questions and cut it off. 

Today I felt a little bad for messing it up and I was thinking that maybe I could simply agree with that person and be part of something cool! ( tasting good foods around the city for free) But after a while my regret went away as I realised this:

  • I didn’t feel safe to be in an unknown place alone with a little clue of my companions.
  • I know not a single person from the group. As I found today, they are quite senior to me. I would have been the youngest one in the group. It would have super awkward for me.
  • In such scenarios I become too concious about myself and I end up talking too slow, walking like a new-born calf or wiping my lips after every bite. I know this is wierd!

But there’s more! Although I found some good excuses to cheer myself up, still I missed an opportunity. An opportunity to build my confidence to communicate with strangers face to face. It was just a dinner not a hook-up invite! Meeting people of different place, age, culture can teach a person a lot about life. The slight regret was necessary to remind me to improve my social skills and forget about Monday-morning-anxiety.😀

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