Overrated Destiny #51

“Everything happens for a reason”- I am a strong believer of destiny. It’s the belief that drives me to think about reason behind everything having even slightest connection with me. But sometimes I feel that it’s a complete waste of time. My life will be the same even without knowing the reason or rather it would be better if I utilise that time in doing something useful. This realisation didn’t happen to me all of a sudden- let me stich some memories and thoughts together to give it a meaning!

It was our farewell day of graduation. Officially and unofficially that was the last day for us to see each other as college students. Then there was crazy photo-session. I’m never much excited about having 50 photos with the same group of people in the same place and same outfit. What I really wanted was to have one photo with everyone whom I counted as my friend. By friend I meant my close friends, my project partners, my lab-partners etc. The most anticipated photo was the one with my lab-partner JayK.(Background: JK was my lab-partner since 1st semester. Although except lab and mid-terms we barely had any interaction, I knew that he was a nice guy. He had a girlfriend from first-year itself, who was my classmate too. That girl particularly didn’t like me to be around JK as I used to hear from many sources every now and then. As we were never that much close to be a reason for his girlfriend’s concern, I never paid heed to what others said.) I didn’t have any photo with JayK and on the last day I didn’t want to miss the chance. So when he was about to leave, I managed to walk to him and call another friend(having quality photography skills) to click a photo. That friend was taking a while to set the focus and JayK’s girlfriend told something offensive. That was the first and probably last time I witnessed her hatred towards me. I didn’t get much bothered, we talked a little and we went in our own ways. We got job in different cities but JayK’s over-attached girlfriend got the same location as mine. Eventually JayK also shifted to my city. Till then I was all alone there. I hardly had any acquaintances in the city. When I heard about JayK’s transfer I was super-excited. I am always excited to be around nice people and in an unknown city he came like a ray of hope! At that time, I thought many things. I hoped that maybe we would hang out sometimes. Don’t get it in the other way, I still didn’t have any intention to threaten his girlfriend’s peace of mind. My assumption about destiny was proved to be wrong. JayK stayed in my neighbourhood for like 1 year but we never met. Manydays he told me over text to make a plan to meet but the day never came. I was such a stupid to over-analyse the simple incident of JayK’s transfer and have expectations!

Similarly there are many people whose ways crossed mine but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I had interaction with them like I had had before. Destiny has limited pages for every story and maybe some blank pages to keep our hopes  alive. 🙂

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