Night-time thoughts #49

On the usual weekdays, my body becomes so tired after office and household works that it shuts down before midnight. On the contrary, in the weekend I keep on sleeping till I get tired of sleeping and my back starts hurting for lying down all the day. Every weekend I have some major plans to accomplish in order to groom myself. Plus there are my hobbies, for which I can’t manage time on weekdays. No matter what, being productive is the main motto of weekend and I shamelessly fail to reach this goal every effing time!

10 p.m.

When it’s finally 10 p.m. of Sunday, the stress of not utilising the weekend and upcoming Monday start to hang heavy on me. Still I’m not moved by the stress to utilise the rest of the time.

Maybe I can finish my paperwork and emails if I start now also. I have slept enough today, it won’t hurt if I work tonight.

11 p.m.

Pewdiepie uploads video daily around this time in India.

Ok, it’s just a harmless 10 minutes’ video. After watching it my mind will be refreshed and I will be finishing my work in half time.


I’m still in YouTube.

Maybe I should watch this baking tutorial although we don’t have a decent microwave here and I don’t have enough time or enthusiasm to bake! Nerdy nummies, you are my idol!

1 a.m.

Now I’m feeling a little drowsy. I am not in a position to do some serious paperwork or reply any mail. So better I star 90 % of the mails and keep them to finish in near future and mark the checkbox against mails as done!


My friend in Toronto must be available now. Maybe I can ping him now and have a small chat. Then I will go to bed.

2 a.m.

I continue to talk with my friend even after one hour though his replies are coming late. We are discussing some life changing facts over texts. Meanwhile I feel to get myself some food to calm down my stomach which has started making sounds like a dying whale.

I should eat something! I need to pee! My eyes are kind of burning!

3 a.m.

Finally my friend realises that this is 3 a.m. in my place and I should sleep in order to function tomorrow. He postpones our discussion and wishes me goodnight. There’s literally nothing preventing me to sleep now.

Does my ex miss me now? He was such a duck boy..! I should have slapped him on his face for that sexist comment.

4 a.m.

I’m lying on my back staring at the ceiling, wandering about the possibilities of my future, the expectations that I couldn’t meet, the opportunities I missed. This is probably the best time to analyse all of your decisions.

Maybe mom was right. I could have written that test, I could have taken life a little bit seriously.

5 a.m.

My thoughts will never end but night has come to an end. So has this post! 🙂

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