People don’t understand #48

“Don’t you love rain? Then why are you running?”

It took 5 minutes of walk from my departmental building to college cafeteria and there was no shades in between. Cafeteria was in a separate building. Sometimes it would start to rain when we were in the halfway. So we had to run in any direction to stay dry. I love rain. I love the smell of earth when it starts raining, the kind-of-cold but not-too-cold weather, coffee mug and a book, cuddling and last but not the least – dancing in rain. Now the problem is I catch cold very easily, so I had to be careful all the time. What is the point of getting drenched and staying in the same clothes for long enough to fall sick? I can’t afford that. Many a time people ask me why I’m the one to run before anybody to stay dry while I am a huge fan of rain. I am just tired of explaining this to everyone.

“How can you stay so skinny? “

People who face this question very often know the struggle. First of all, skinny is a relative term. I’m not a Victoria’s secret model, whatever you are seeing is a body of an extremely lazy person having a unique metabolism rate. I’ve felt people use this question as an alternative of “You eat so much! I envy you.” I have seen plus sized people to get advice to eat less. People need to understand that food is not the only factor controlling your weight. Just stop asking such questions!

“You are such an introvert.”

I am very particular about what I say to whom. It doesn’t directly imply that I’m an introvert. Maybe you are not the right person to know about my mess.

The Bad girl

There is no standard definition of a bad girl. But every society has its own set of rules to identify a bad girl. I get the dirty jokes and swear occasionally and I got the feeling of being judged for that. Height of double standards!

Cheesy dialogues and romantic gifts

I am a huge fan of romantic comedy but at the same time I know those things are clearly not possible in real life. I don’t want to hear that you can jump off the cliff for me. Being realistic and genuine seems more attractive.

I absolutely hate the idea of giving flowers and cards on special occasions. That kind of luxury is not required for me. Rather give me a book you love, make me listen to your favourites or take me to a place to enjoy nature.

Loving something and being good at it

I regret telling people that I love music. People’s instant reaction is, “Sing a song.” Now if my voice isn’t good enough, nobody thinks twice before judging me. People need to understand that loving something and being gifted with the same thing are two completely different phenomena. Don’t just embarrass me every time asking to sing a song loud in a public place.

Headphones : The modest sign board of DND

I’m sitting on a window seat, listening to my favourite track and thinking the plot of a music video featuring me and somebody. And the person next to me thinks this is the right time to talk to me about global warming. Hell, no! I can put off my headphone and listen only if it’s my mom(otherwise, no pocket money!) or world is going to end.

I’m fine.

Well, clearly I’m not if something made you ask me this question. This is the clear indication for you to find out what went wrong. Asking me thirty more questions in a row is not going to help. I’m not wanting people to read my mind, I’m just dying to drop the second clue if you don’t miss the first one.

TBH, I didn’t write this as a guide to understand me. Let me know, you got something relatable.😀

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