Dear Daddy… #47

“It’s a girl”- the doctor said and handed me over to him. I wish, I remembered his first expression. It’s weird that we don’t remember seeing our mom and dad for the first time. Anyway, I heard this later that dad saw me before mom. Maybe that’s why I have a whole different level of connection with him. All my relatives claim that I resemble my dad. Although my wide forehead and dark complexion like him were not adding beauty to my face but having so much similarity with him is a privilege for me. Genes, you have done a great job!


One of the most common and lame question that elders love to ask a kid is, “Whom do you love more, mommy or daddy?” I don’t remember when I faced this inevitable question but my answer was this, ” I love daddy this much( showed little amount using hand) because he already loves me. I need to love mama thi…..s( stretching my hand as much as possible) much because she loves didi more than me.” I have an elder sister and I thought I would have more attention of mom if I love her more. I was about 3-4 years old by that time. Little did I know what my answer really meant. Those who love us, we take them for granted. Anyway, as I grew up my interaction with dad became lesser and lesser. Due to his job, he couldn’t show up on annual sport’s days, parent-teacher meetings, birthdays and Durga pujo (our biggest festival) and so on. The little time we got, went in listening to all the complaints we had against him.

I can’t even imagine how much hard work and sacrifices he did to ensure our better future. Although my parents were not rich, they never said no to any of my needs. I never realised that to buy my fancy shoes or smart phone or new laptop, from how long my parents had to save money and cut down budget for their own minimum requirements (forget about luxurious things). I used to get angry the few times dad told me to buy only the things I need. After growing up, mom became my best friend. Dad used to feel bad about having less interaction with me. He is sensitive and he hardly shares what he feels.

When I decided to work after my graduation, dad was the only person disappointed with my decision. He wanted me to continue studies and acquire master’s degree. I denied. There were reasons too. I was mad as he was not encouraging me after I got a job. I regret behaving rude with him. Our parents try their best to give us all the things that they didn’t have in their life. So it’s our responsibility to fulfil their dreams. They definitely have that right to be ambitious about us and we should try our best to make them proud.

Last time when I visited my hometown, dad came to the airport to receive me. As he was walking towards me, I cried a little in my mind. My dad looked old and feeble. He has been a hero to me, I can’t ever imagine him to be like a old and helpless person. Not only physically, mentally also he didn’t seem to be strong like before. I feel that my parents have done enough for me and I’m not being able to give them the support they need now. When people get old, they need care and love. And sometimes it’s good to show some love to them also.

This is my story but I believe that all the daddys in the world are awesome! You guys are heroes. My love and respect for you all. ☺Happy Father’s Day!


Dad-potato is about to say a dad-joke!

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