Studying – College edition #46

My college juniors just wrote their final semester exam and my entire Facebook newsfeed is flooded with “last- together : feeling nostalgic” posts. That seems to be a little dramatic now. There are many things that come into mind when people talk about college life. But I would prefer to talk about one of the innocent harmless memories of my college-life.

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Probably it was one week before my final exam and I knew barely 30 per cent of the syllabus. I was bottled up with the anxiety but my procrastinating skills and ignorance had full control over my body and mind.

The morning routine:

My routine was as usual. I woke up at the same time when mom entered the kitchen. My bed was exactly next to the kitchen, so every morning I had the privilege to wake up hearing some quality noise from the kitchen. (Note: You need to remember that waking up and leaving bed are two different things!) By this time, our neighbour’s dog started barking for no reason. A tea trail in the neighbourhood switched on the radio. As if the whole world was against my sleep! Even if I was wide awake, I didn’t left bed until mom prepared my breakfast and came into my room to wake me up. This was one of the rules I made in my home. No matter how many alarms are set or zombies are taking over civilisation or a major apocalypse is going to destroy everything, I don’t care-I always want my mom to wake me up. She calls me in the sweetest way possible and I believe it to be lucky to start my day with her. Anyway, after having my breakfast I made a plan for the day to read the new chapters and revise the rest of a subject. In the mean time I checked all social media, WhatsApp and other things. After wasting about 2 hours I managed to open my textbook. Exactly after half an hour, I went to washroom. (That means a break for minimum 15 minutes along with exclusive house tour and reading newspaper.) I finished reading one page. For this accomplishment I  decided to open YouTube for 5 minutes. After several videos and a couple of hours, I realised that the topic I just read wasn’t in syllabus anymore!

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Eternal shower-lunch-afternoon break:

Irrespective of my progress in study, it was mandatory to take a break by 12:30 to take a shower, have lunch and most importantly take an afternoon nap. In the mean time I switched on t.v. and navigate to a random music channel in order to relief stress. I forgot if it was day or night when I slept. I woke up and assembled for the evening prayer. Then it was time for evening snacks and coffee.

Evening-night routine:

From global warming to feminism, from sports to viral trends, evening was the high time to discuss everything except textbook. It was 9:30-10 when my mom started calling everyone for dinner.

“One minute mom! I need to be complete this paragraph before dinner!”

Mom called me thrice in one minute and started yelling. When I rushed to the dinner table, I found that mom was still in the kitchen stirring the curry. Nothing was ready at all. Mom took another 5 minutes to bring all the things to table. My friend texted me that he finished revising satellite communication and wanted to call me to discuss some doubts. What the eff was I doing all the day? I should clearly skip sleeping tonight in order to cover up- I thought and finished my dinner. I was super focused for like 10 minutes, then suddenly a friend called me to ask about his doubts. I laughed nervously and wanted to bury myself for wasting the whole day. I didn’t know how and when our topic changed from PSLV satellites to some random funny jokes. I hanged up after one hour when dad came into my room to give me a “warning look”.I swore to God that I would never ever waste time like this and fell asleep on my book.

Here’s my final thought:


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