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If you ask a 3 year old kid about its future ambition, the chances are more for getting a better ans from the kid than me. Like the answer of “What do you want to be in life? ” becomes harder and harder when you actually start to understand life. Certainly I’m not talking about those for whom life is sorted out by now. How many of you are actually pursuing the career you wanted as a kid? Hobby is also one of the things I’ve found that has been changed for me from time to time. Lately I was watching a bunch of the draw-my-life videos. Though every life story was different from one another, there was one similarity that got me thinking. This might be obvious but here’s what it was : “… I used to make videos and showed them to my family and friends. They kind of liked it. Many of my friends told me that my videos are pretty unique and funny. So I thought of making videos on YouTube.” And there’s me, who doesn’t even have a useful hobby that can be passed on as a quality or an alternative career. 😓

Hobby is something one does regularly in his/her free time for pleasure. Why on this earth do I need to think about my career in my free time? I suppose this is the time when I can sit back and relax or do something that enlightens my mind and soul. This thought I have been holding back in myself since long. On the first day of university, a professor asked everyone one in the class to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about their hobbies. Needless to say, all of us were adults. A class of nearly 45-50 students gave only 2-3 answers overall. I still remember that I was sitting in the back and was thinking so hard about a decent answer. Nevertheless I told the same thing that my other classmates already told. I still don’t know why we all had the same answer!

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This question happened to come once again, in our “professional transformation” class just before our graduation. The main objective of the class was to transform the college going kids into people with composed and professional behaviour. They taught us about several etiquette and also prepared us mentally for the upcoming interviews. The trainers were charismatic. In that very short span they shared a lot of things with us. They gave us an idea about how to frame our answers. They told us that we should not tell our hobby as listening to music or netflix-and-chill, rather it should be something related to the job-profile. Then it would be more impressive. I never understood what’s wrong if I simply want to escape from the monotony of life in my free time!

Travelling through the timeline I could identify the evolution of my hobbies or rather I should say, “free time activities”.

One: before middle school

Painting, listening to stories (not at bed times), writing random sh^ts, paper cutting(collecting photos of festivals)!

Two: middle school

Reading story books, knitting, sewing, singing

Three: high school

The pressure was unbearable. My schedule was fully occupied with tutions and school and kgs of assignments. Free time became a luxury for me. Mostly I used to watch Discovery and TLC, shows based on scientific explanations of things, travelling and cooking shows. (I don’t know if it counts or not) Occasionally I used to write too.

Four: College/University

Fortunately and unfortunately I spent most of time in Internet. Be it watching 4 seasons of a series back-to-back or reading articles or watching documentary or scrolling the newsfeed thousand times, I barely did anything outside this virtuality.

Five: Present time

Free time is still a luxury. Adulthood responsibilities take most of time and efforts. Still I try my best to accomodate all things I love in whatever little free time I have. I like to review foods and restaurants, sing and write whatever I feel. I am not doing great in any of them but this is what interest me now.

So that’s all about my hobbies!

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