Beauty, Brain and Judgements #43

It’s Sunday and fortunately I managed to wake up before afternoon. As usual before stepping on the floor and and starting my day I spent almost one hour checking my Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram, Twitter accounts. A Facebook memory popped up in my newsfeed today that became my motivation to write this. It was about an incident that happened in my college life and I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts on it.

This happened 2-3 years ago. I was in college back then. Oneday it was raining heavily and I was sitting with a bunch of boys and girls in the cafeteria. Actually I was waiting for the rain to stop and pretending to be busy in my phone. Though I was not actively participating in the ongoing discussion but I could hear some part of it. The guy sitting next to me was talking about one of our professors, Rhea ma’m.


(Background : Rhea ma’m was one of the most knowledgeable professors in our department, she was strict, punctual and a responsible professor. Where most of our other professors mainly focussed on classnotes and syllabus, Rhea ma’m grew our interest in the subject that helped us in the long run. She was pursuing her PhD at that time. But there’s more. She was one of the most attractive professors too. Though she was strict about timings and attendance, she was a jolly person. She tried to keep her class interactive and interesting. Many guys had crush on Rhea ma’m. Needless to say, everybody was obsessed with her. )

Coming to the discussion again, the main subject was how Rhea ma’m got her job and how she might have been benefited for her good looks throughout her life and career, how hard it was for her husband to live with the fact that many people had eyes on his wife.

First of all, without knowing a person I don’t want to comment on her character ot personal life. Rather I would like to mind my own business.

Secondly, being an average looking person, I have always wished that may people never underestimate my potentials for my looks. But still, I want to support all the good looking people as well who have accomplished something with their own ability. Even if they get any extra privilege, I don’t feel it right to blame them for that. It’s us who are obsessed with the external features of people and the people who give extra credits for looks must be someone like us, who couldn’t judge a person beyond his/her looks, who failed to be unbiased in his/her work to evaluate on the basis of efforts. Rhea ma’m isn’t the only one being judged like this. There are so many talented people like her, whose ability are less talked about than their looks.

Note: I don’t prefer to label people on the basis of looks. Everyone is beautiful in a unique way. But still good-looking is a term, without which I couldn’t do justice to my writing. Irony!

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Here’s a treat for bearing with me – the handsome squidward!

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