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The return gift (Happy Mother’s Day) #42

Today (May 14th) is Mother’s Day and I think it would be best to give you guys a little sneak peak of the my relationship with my mother.

First homecoming after getting a job

Me: What do you want for this Diwali, mom?
Mum: Nothing dear. You have already spent so much. No need to buy anything for me now.
Me: No, mom! You have to tell me one thing. You know I will buy something no matter what you say.
Mum: Okay! We’ll see.

But that never happened. She never uttered a single word about it and secretly waited for me to forget about it.

Taking her out

Me: Mom, what do you want for main course?
Mum: I don’t know! Anything would be fine.
Me: What? I can’t choose for you. See, this is the menu. Now tell me, what you prefer.

She chose the dishes barely in one minute. Little did I know, she chose the cheapest of the menu and obviously none of them was her favourite dish.

The Ice-cream Party

Oneday a bunch of kids came to our house. So dad bought ice-cream for us. It was so good that all of us took far more than what was estimated. I was about to take the last scoop of it then stopped and asked, “Mom, where’s your bowl?”

She said, “I’ve already washed it.”

She lied. She didn’t have ice-cream that day though it was her favourite one.

The Savior

Dad was the only earning member in our family but whenever there was some wish that won’t be granted by him, mom’s savings used to save my day.

There are numerous incidents like this.

Now things have changed a bit. I’ve grown up. We have much differences in opinion. I don’t like it when she leaves the door of my room open. I need more “space”. I need more “privacy”. She doesn’t know about my instagram account. She doesn’t know if I’m looking someone or not. I don’t discuss my problems, heartbreaks, anxiety with her. I feel irritated when she asks me to help her out in sending a mail. I don’t send, “Goodnight, luv you!” to her. I shout at her everytime she cleans my room.

I felt devastated after my last break-up. I used to cry a lot. Sometimes it was too hard to hide from my mom. She could sense something even though I didn’t share my pain. With deepest concern in her eyes, one day she asked me, “Is everything fine?”

Me: Nope! Nothing.
Mum: Are you sure, honey?
Me: Yeah.
Mum: Then why do you look so upset?
Me: You won’t understand.
Mum: Tell me. Maybe I can help you out.
Me: Don’t worry! I’m fine. But what happened to you? Why are you upset?
Mum: You won’t understand!

She smiled a little and walked away but her mysty eyes explained it all. That hit me like a truck. No matter what, I can’t stand tears in her eyes.

Today is mother’s day. But I find it unfair to make her feel special only for one day. She deserves to be treated the same everyday. So making it short I would rather video call her right now!

Happy mother’s day to all the moms and mom-like people🤗

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