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My Complicated Relationship Drama with Bugs #39

I’m a girl, and that implies I don’t get along with bugs. But there’s more to this topic than meets the eye.

I never tolerate violence towards animals and, as a kid, I don’t remember ever hitting any poor creature for fun. However, bugs are the exception! I see them as an army of Satan and have no mercy when they enter my territory. Although I’ve never killed any myself, I’ll keep shouting until someone comes to my rescue and kills it right in front of me. This includes all those tiny evils that I can’t stand.

When I was three or four years old, our apartment became a favorite rest stop for all kinds of bugs. Every day, they’d create a nuisance at our place: earthworms, toads, snails, caterpillars and many other disgusting-looking creatures with thousands of eyes and hundreds of legs. When flying cockroaches showed up, I had to hide in the closet/washroom/bednet. On sunny days bees would pay us visits and there were giant spiders – one of the most terrifying things! I’m not sure how dangerous they are but if they stayed near me for too long I think I’d have a panic attack. Meanwhile my family didn’t seem to care about any of them; my mom always said “They don’t want to hurt you. Let them go away; nothing will happen! They’re so tiny – what can they do?”

Are you on the same page as my mom? Let me clear up your doubts: size doesn’t matter. A bullet can bring death to a person, regardless of its size. Do you know how much poison this bug carries? What if it bites or stings you? Last time I went to pluck flowers from the garden, I avoided biting the bee so it wouldn’t have to sting me in return.

I mentioned earthworms and snails, which are relatively harmless. But their cousins are so mischievous I don’t trust them either.

I’ve never had a good relationship with bugs. Cockroaches that take flight and clock spiders that try to scare me—I wish them all the worst in the darkest corner of hell.😈

Thanks for keeping up with my rambling. Here’s another one!

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