Terms with bugs #39

I’m a girl and having said that one can easily assume what “terms” I can have with bugs. Still I wanted to pull this topic because there are much more to this.

As a person I never tolerate violence to animals. Even as a kid also I don’t remember to hit any poor creature for fun. But that doesn’t count for bugs! I see the bugs as a miniature army of Satan. I have no mercy for them. If they show up in my territory they are destined to die immediately! Now the fact is, I myself have never killed any of them, rather I would continue to shout at the top of my lungs until mom/dad or somebody else comes in my rescue and ensures the safety of my life by killing it right in front of my eyes. Here I’m including all those tiny evils whom I can’t stand.

When I was 3-4 years old, our apartment was the favourite rest house for all the bugs. Not a single day passed when bugs didn’t create a nuisance at our place. In addition to that there were earthworms, toads, snails, caterpillars, many disgusting-looking, 1000-eyed 100-legged things to create disturbance in my peaceful life. The time when flying cockroach showed up, I had to close myself in a closet/washroom/bednet. On some sunny days bees used to pay us a visit. And there was giant spiders. One of the most terrifying and disgusting things. I’m not sure about how potential threat they are to my life but I will certainly die from panic attack if they stay in my surroundings for long. There was me trying to save my life from the army of Satan and on the other hand there were my other family members who did not seem to give an eff to any of them. My mom always tells me, ” They don’t wanna bring harm to you. Let them go away. Nothing will happen. They are so tiny, what can they do to you? ”

Tiny? Are you on the same page with my mom? Then let me clear your doubts too! Size doesn’t matter. If size really mattered a bullet could not bring death to a person! Do you have any idea how much poison that bug can carry ? What if it bites or stings you? Last time when I went to pluck flowers from the garden I didn’t bite the bee so that it had to sting me in return.

Although I mentioned earthworms and snails, I know they are relatively harmless ones. But their cousins are so mischievous I have trust issues with them too.

So from the beginning of time, neither did I have a good relationship with bugs, nor I have now. The cockroaches that have flight-exhibition every once in a while or the clock spider who wants to have a good laugh with its family scaring the sh^t out of me- I pray darkest corner of hell for them. 😈

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