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How I really spend my long weekend #35

It was May 1st on Monday or rather I should say the much awaited long weekend. Everybody else had plans for this weekend.

For me weekends vary from Netflix and chill to sleep to skip life. There’s no in between.

Wasting the whole weekend and regretting about it later have been an integral part of my life and that’s okay! This weekend has been a little different. Here’s how it went.

Saturday: The golden period. I was feeling so relaxed as if this weekend was going to last for a decade.
I stayed at home, cleaned my room (that’s a hell lot of work). Putting oil in my hairs I blocked all my possibilities of going out and did some experiment in kitchen. Cooking is pretty much a new thing to me. Instead of taking notes and recipes from mom or watching YouTube videos I explore the things I have seen others to cook. Two of the major constraints in exploring are: I am too lazy and I don’t want to end up in a kitchen apocalypse. So till date, my cooking has covered very basic dishes only.

Sunday: How great it feels when it’s Sunday and there’s still one more day to chill.

After getting up, I made myself some breakfast (normally I skip breakfast on Sundays). I washed my hair, which was the first and foremost task before going out. I visited grocery store, returned home, had lunch and went out for shopping.

Shopping is fun until my balance becomes double-digit.

Plus it’s very tiring too. From morning I had barely sat somewhere lazily and after 3 hours of standing in queues, walking inside the stores for 30 times to find the “right dress”, my body just gave up. It was cursing me for choosing shopping over afternoon nap.
I almost forgot about my sore throat and had an ice-cream. I think ice-cream tastes better if you have them when you’re not supposed to.
Anyway, I returned home by 9 PM. My back and shoulders were hurting but who cares? I tried all the dresses(once again!) , clicked photos and send them to mom. In trial room it was not possible because so many people were waiting outside of it for their turns.

After this much, I realized that there’s hardly any place in my cupboard! So I had to organize my old clothes to make room for the new dresses. Items from grocery store were still scattered on the floor. I had to put everything in place.

After having dinner and a hot shower I was feeling like a champion. My room was clean, well organized, my cupboard had a plenty of new dresses and finally I had all the ingredients to make my favorite snacks. I’m writing about all the little things just to make myself feel that I did something more than chilling.

Monday: I woke up earlier than usual. I made pancakes for the first time. It was not great but fine. My throat was still sore, I was having difficulty in swallowing and talking. Finally that ice cream paid off!
My fever got worse, I was feeling cold in 40 degree Celsius without air-conditioning. So I couldn’t but go to bed once again. I dozed off and missed my lunch. When I woke up, I had no fever. I had some food and settled down to calculate how much money I had spent the previous day. Like always the amount was enough to keep me grounded for the rest of the month and to restrain myself from shopping for coming 2-3 months.

If money was not a matter, I would have called shopping as my hobby. But in reality, I know how I have to spend every penny I’m left with. Paying bills is so annoying! I can see fever waving its hands once again and that’s how my long weekend has come to the end!

Still there are things that I had to do but could not: visiting parlor, do some paper work, getting recovered from fever, decluttering the files in my laptop. Phew! 😷

And that’s how I spent a long weekend in April 29th-May 1st, 2017.

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