I didn’t choose shmrrr-life,shmrrr-life chose me #33

It’s weekend and I’m home alone. When I was a kid and my parents went out for a while I used to throw my books away and fully utilise the time doing things that mom would forbid me to do. My actions in the absence of my parents changed with time but in general it was the same – the things that I can’t do when they are at home. The idea of being alone at home has a changed a lot for me over time.

At this point, being home alone means:

1. Throwing bra away

2. Using washroom without closing the door

Bra- what a wonderful thing it is! This is the thing that I hate and love at the same time. So I want to share a bit of my sweet n sour journey with it.

~The acceptance

Long time back, I watched a movie where a little girl tries her mom’s bra in absence of her putting significant amount of tissues inside it to get fit in. As a kid I never had this kind of fascination. In fact I hated bra a lot when I learned the fact that every girl needs to use this. My body was changing in a disgusting way and to make it look less disgusting I had to accept bra.

~The bigger, the better

Bra-shopping has always been same awkward for me. Personally I am very particular about the color, brand, padding and other things (I assume size is not a personal choice). So there’s hardly any possibility that I would buy anything recommended by the salesperson. She will be showing 100 other products that I’m least interested to see instead of giving me the bra I want. Last time when I went to the shop, the particular bra that I wanted was out of stock. So the salesperson suggested me to buy the one with one size bigger, saying that “it has greater coverage”. I returned empty handed that day but the thing got stuck in my head.

There are several things I could do with “greater coverage” if I had bought that bra. It’s a brilliant idea to keep socks/ tissues/ food or any other essentials inside it. Why would I need a purse at all if I have a bra with “greater coverage”?

~Beauty is inside

I’m not talking about beautiful mind. I’m talking about the sassy bra I bought last month. Eventually nobody can appreciate its intricate design and world class laces. I’m the only one, who takes 5 seconds to praise the designer.

~Wearing money

Am I the only one who thinks that some dresses aren’t made keeping bras in mind? Everytime I buy a classy dress I need to a buy a bra for it. Sometimes the bra costs even more the dress. Why lingeries are so much expensive!

~ The wash

I have clearly no idea what happens everytime I put bras into the washing machine. No matter how many bras I give, I get a lump in return.

~ Trust issues

Don’t blame me if I have trust issues. I caught my favourite bra trying to stab me right in my heart! If those whom I keep closest to my heart for all the time can betray me, anybody else in this world can do the same.

~ The silencer

At the end of the day, I’m grateful to bras. Can’t deny the fact how those magnificent padding prevent my nips to have an awkward conversation with everyone I come across in winter.

I wanna conclude this here dedicating a song to bra, ” I hate you… like I love you!” 😷❤




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