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Love-hate Relationship between women and bra #33

Bra is one of the most essential element of women’s wardrobe, yet its not something we look forward to wear every morning. It’s main job is to provide our body with support- creating illusions, accentuating our features are secondary. Here I am sharing some of my random thoughts on bra.

~The acceptance

Many years back, I watched a movie where a little girl tries her mom’s bra in absence of her putting significant amount of tissues inside it to get fit in.
As a kid I never had this kind of fascination. In fact I hated bra a lot when I learned the fact that every girl needs to use this. It took me a while to get used to the discomfort of wearing something tight and uncomfortable every single day.

~The bigger, the better

For me bra-shopping is straight-forward. I don’t want to be plagued by the sales-girl telling me what all new brands, new fashion has hit the market.
I remember the first time I went for bra-shopping and I didn’t know about cup-size, the lady just looked at me and told me the size… I’m so glad I never had to go those local stores where a middle-aged man sells under-garments and he also recommends “fresh fashion”. No, thank you!
Another time the particular bra that I wanted was out of stock. So the salesgirl suggested me to buy one size bigger, saying that “it has greater coverage”. Never heard that one before!

~Beauty is inside

In India, bra is still something people don’t talk openly about. Only the fashion-bloggers of high class society will wear bra over a top. Women go to beaches fully dressed.
Which makes me wonder how the bra companies come up with ideas to promote a pretty-looking bra? I remember seeing a commercial, where the girl feels good and confident the whole day- for wearing a nice bra inside.
Not sure if the concept came from a man or woman- the ad made absolutely no sense to me! Is it because I’m too depressed to feel good about a stupid bra or this actually doesn’t matter?

~Wearing money

Am I the only one who thinks that some dresses aren’t made keeping bras in mind? Every time I buy a classy dress I need to a buy a bra for it. Sometimes the bra costs even more the dress. Why lingerie are so much expensive!

~ The wash

I have clearly no idea what happens every time I put bras into the washing machine. No matter how many bras I give, I get a lump in return.

~ Trust issues

Don’t blame me if I have trust issues. I caught my favorite bra trying to stab me right in my heart! If those whom I keep closest to my heart for all the time can betray me, anybody else in this world can do the same.

I wanna conclude this here dedicating a song to bra, ” I hate you… like I love you!” 😷❤

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