Types of people on WhatsApp #32

It’s been more than 5 years since when  I have been using WhatsApp. Not only I use WhatsApp, I am kind of hyperactive on this messaging media. So these are the kind of people I came across in WhatsApp.

One: A human with life

These are the type of people who have installed this app and understand its importance but they are not going gaga over it. Their last seen is not the current time or a moment ago. You can’t expect them to reply in 5 minutes or so. They are not rude or ignoring you, they are just busy doing something else and don’t care to check their phone every minute.

Real life example:

Me: What’s up Mum?

Mom:( 1 hour later) Just returned from the grocery store.

Two: Abusers part I

These are the people who have zero respect towards the people who send them messages. Neither they are busy nor they leave messages unread. If you happen to text them today, they will reply  you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. So basically it will kill your mood to have a nice chat with them.

Example from real life:

Jeda is my school friend, we used to hang out a lot. Recently I texted her and it went like this.

Me: Nice photo! Wassap girl!

Jeda: (After 2 days) heyy! How are you?!

Me: I’m fine. It seems that you are very busy these days.

Jeda: (After 3 days) No! Not really. I am free.

I will not over-analyse her frequency of responding to messages but this is clearly a category of people I know in whatsapp. They treat whatsapp like sending messages with pigeons (any bird that can be trained to carry your message to somebody).

Three: Abusers part II

These are the people who randomly take a number and send message. Many a time I received messages from unknown creepy guys claiming that I called them or anything that can help them to continue the conversation.

Four: Abusers part III

To be honest, I have done this and I know how annoying it is for the other person. People lost their mind  when whatsapp brought this cool features called “blue ticks/seen”. Basically it tells when the recipient read your message. There are people who will read the message and simply shut it off without replying. I’m not talking about those who forget to reply or fall asleep in minutes after receiving the message. I’m pointing to those people who read the message and decide not to reply.

Real life example:

Ex-boyfriend: I think we should hang out sometime.

Me: (seen)

When somebody doesn’t reply to my message and chill with others I want to send them to the darkest corner of hell. But on the other hand I myself know how oddly satisfying it is to keep the message as seen and unaddressed.

Five: The best people

These are the kind of people who took messaging to a new level. They are online for life. No matter what they are doing they will reply you in seconds. I could fall into this category with one exception. I am online all the time except while I’m eating or sleeping. Previously I used to hold my phone in the other hand while eating and I used to fall asleep texting. Now having a rough sleeping schedule I keep my phone away while going to bed. Because I have no intention to promote “Walking Dead” in my workplace due to sleep deprivation.

Six: Social workers

These are the people who are serving the mankind since advent of WhatsApp forwarding all those random jokes and photos and writing good morning,good evening in the groups everyday without fail. They are the people who took a pledge to forward every single joke they come across. They are so dedicated and sincere to their job that they will put on any random ____ as their display picture as a dare. I really appreciate these people.

Let me know if you can find yourself in any of categories! ☺

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