Go home Body, you’re drunk! #31

Sometimes my body acts in such a confusing manner that I wanna say this to my body.

One: Ladies, you people know exactly how it feels to sneeze while you are on periods. Now let me tell you my experience! I was on my periods, I sneezed and my nose bled (with no injury or critical medical conditions). I was literally thinking about inserting tampons into my nostrils.

I want to ask my body, “Why buddy? Why would you drink so much even after knowing that you can’t handle it? WHY? ”

Two: This also is related to period. Now this is said to be a sign of good health for women. Plus if you are unmarried, congratulations! You are not pregnant. But how come I celebrate my “good health” and “good luck” when every inch of my body muscles is paining. My abdomen is having an apocalypse inside it and I want to cut this ____ out of my body. Plus I’m riding the world’s most dangerous roller coaster without my consent. Emotion that is. Cancelling all my plans, sitting on my couch alone, I’m crying over my favorite lacy love that got stained today. My body needs to understand what celebration is supposed to be like!

Three: Every single day I feel extremely sleepy while I’m supposed to work. Every single night my body is in the mood of doing harlem shake and rocket science. But not sleep! Even after a big nap I feel like taking rest for another one hour. The night before exam, when I need to go stay awake for managing pass marks, my body becomes the most loyal disciple of sleep. One day later when exam is over it doesn’t believe in sleep at all. It can stay awake for two days straight!

I wish that someday my body will act like a responsible adult and stop doing this nonsense. Seriously Body, you better grow up now. 😑

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