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Go home Body, you’re drunk! #31

Sometimes my body acts in such a confusing manner that I wanna say this to my body.

#1 Sneezing during period:
Ladies, you people know exactly how it feels to sneeze while you are on periods. Now let me tell you my experience! I was on my periods, I sneezed and blood came out of nose(with no injury or critical medical conditions).
This reminded me of a scene from the movie “She’s the Man” where a girl named Viola was disguising as his twin brother to practice football in the boys’ team and one day while confronted by his male roommate about tampon- she smartly shoved it into one of her nostrils and said that it was for the nose-bleed.
Viola’s cover-up story felt so real to me that day.

#2 Period being the sign of good health
Yeah medically, regular period could be a sign of good health for women – but my brain just can’t fathom all the stomach ache, muscle pain, lethargy, mood swings as “the sign of good health” . If it’s so good, why does it not feel good as well?
My uterus is shedding its walls- I must be feeling lightness in my body and mind- energetic to get everything done. In short I wanna feel like all those girls jumping around in ecstasy in maxi pad commercials- which I never feel in real life.

#3 Irregular Sleep Every single day I feel extremely sleepy while I’m supposed to work. Every single night my brain is hyperactive while I’m supposed to sleep except when I really need to pull off an all-nighter for work.

#4 Call of duty Before a long day or a trip outside I would like to clear my guts, so that I don’t get unprecedented nature’s call in the middle of nowhere. But no matter how well I plan my day- something of that kind happens for sure!!
Same for drinking water… I don’t drink water/feel thirsty every hour at home- as soon as I go out with my friends, I start feeling thirsty.

I wish that someday my body will act like a responsible adult and stop doing this nonsense. Seriously Body, go home, you’re drunk!! 😑

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