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Types on Monsters that dwell in Our Imagination #30

There are many things I feel for which I don’t have a rational explanation. This may sound happen stupid and baseless but can’t help sharing this.

#1 Monster of the darkness

Monster of the darkness is a pure evil thing to me. In my childhood, we didn’t have power backups and power cut was part of our daily life.

For some odd reason, our drawing room had no direct connection with the rest of our apartment except a big corridor. During power cut, the corridor remained dark and the monster used to have get-together over there.

Being the youngest member, I was called for by all if they needed anything from the other room. It was fun for me to run from one room to the other and bring things except when it was dark. Every time I had to go to our drawing room during power cuts I was not far less than Usain Bolt.

One night, stormy wind blew off my candle while passing through the corridor and coincidentally a bird screamed at same time. I was so afraid that I ran like as if a cheetah was behind me. Or maybe it was the act of the monster in dark. I didn’t even know when mom’s favorite candle holder fell from my hand and broke.

I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t run at that time or I wasn’t afraid of darkness. I am yet to figure this out why I was afraid of darkness and that monster.
Even as a fully grown adult, I feel quite uncomfortable to go in a dark room, closing my eyes while taking shower, walking on streets that are not fully illuminated…

#2 Monster outside my blanket

This monster prevails particularly during the winter.
In winter, except for one or two week, it’s always uncomfortable for me to stay in a blanket for 6-7 hours straight. It’s too hot inside the blanket and too cold outside it. So in order to balance the heat, I keep my feet out of the blanket.

I am completely fine if my eyes are wide open. The monster doesn’t come until I close my eyes. It doesn’t pull my legs and throw me away. It only causes a discomfort in closing my eyes keeping my feet outside. You can’t blame horror movies for this as I hardly watch one and this is happening to me since existence of time!

I am yet to see this monster but I strongly believe in its existence.

#3 The shower monster

This monster comes when I take a shower. It too prefers to come when my have to close my eyes while applying shampoo or washing my hair. It doesn’t harm. It just causes a discomfort.

#4 The shy monster

This is the monster who is always behind me but never shows up. Sometimes when I hide my head in the couch or walk alone, I feel the efforts made by it to move silently and checking on me without making things creepy.

#5 The serial killer monster

They visit home when my parents are outside at night and I am home alone.
I think they are not permanent residents of our house. Rather it is invited by all the other monsters, I mentioned before, for a house-party when my parents are not at home.
Like other monsters, they also prefer to stay under cover. But what makes it different from the rest is, sometimes it makes creepy sounds and make things fall randomly in the kitchen.

So this is all about the guys with whom I grew up but never saw with my bare eyes. They live with me and never make me feel lonely.

P.S. : All the monsters referred here are afraid of my mom.

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