Serial Killer Owl #29

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I don’t remember exactly when I became superstitious. People with may think that this makes no sense but I really wonder if I am the only one who used to believe in weird stuff in childhood! There is one incident which is most relatable to the context.

Most probably I was in 3rd standard when I found a book on horror stories. As far as I remember it was 300-page-hardcover book. All the stories were short and meant for children. There were many things like black magic, ghost of pirates and so on but none of them had much impact on me as hard core horror. I read them and was convinced enough that they were purely fictional. I don’t know why I happened to believe in one of the stories of that book. In nutshell the content was: at midnight, if anyone hears the scream of an owl dies. Or rather whoever is about to die hears that sound.

I didn’t like owls because of their big round eyes and mysterious look. I never heard any owl to hoot. I kind of believed in the story. One night I heard a strange sound that I had never heard before, I thought that was the owl screaming. It sent chills down my spine. I could not feel my limbs, I could not breathe. I was praying to God,”I don’t wanna die now!Please save me.” The sound continued for an hour or so and eventually I fell asleep. Later I came to know that a night-guard used to come to our place after midnight. He used to walk around blowing a really weird whistle. As I went to bed early I never knew about him or the whistle. How stupid I was, I perceived an innocent bird as serial killer!

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