Then vs Now: Texting #27

I haven’t used all the messaging apps present in Android but the few I used took all of my time and attention.


One: The-old-as-fossil messenger


Until high school I didn’t have a smart phone. Messaging back then was pretty much costly (for me). Each message with maximum of 140 characters would cost Re 1/- . There were special tariffs or bonus cards to make this a little cheaper but I couldn’t afford that too. Because of size constraint my messages looked disgusting. The words did not have any vowels, grammar committed suicide. Now while shortening messages different people used to follow different strategy. So chance of misinterpretation and confusion was pretty high.

Message > msg > mg and so on.

Plus, I had to limit my conversation for  perpetual low balance.

Now: I receive only telecom operators message. The only time I need to send normal text message is when some application needs to verify my phone number.

Two: Extinct messengers

Then: I was introduced with many of the messaging apps at the beginning of college, many of them are currently not functioning. It was way more fun for me then as for the first time my phone could connect to Internet and there was no constraint on the size of message.

I guess I used ebuddy,way-to-sms etc. In way-to-sms the reception of message wasn’t guaranteed. I have no idea how many times it had killed a conversation that could change my life!

Now: I don’t know those messengers are anymore present or not.

Three: Question-in-name app

Then: Within 1 month of buying a smart phone, I got to know about WhatsApp. I don’t need to tell how it was or it is because it’s still evolving. But I can say how I used whatsapp back then and now. At that time, I was such a person who replied within seconds. There was no scene of last seen for me. I was literally always online in whatsapp. That was a golden time when I had indicating text status and nice dps.

Now: All I receive in WhatsApp now are some unwanted group messages. After graduation things have changed a lot. Neither blue ticks nor photo status excite me anymore. I haven’t updated my account since months.

Four: Made-in-India messenger

Then: I am talking about hike messenger. Though all of my friends were on other messengers as well, I forced them to download it because I found it funny. I was so insane that I even talked to the same person in different apps simultaneously.

Now: I don’t get any text on hike anymore. I get some system generated messages from the subscribed channels only.

Five: Facebook messenger

Then : I was hyperactive on fb messenger too.

Now: I get random shits from unknown people that are sent in bulk when they click on any unsafe site or play games or something like that.

There are many other apps I have used but they are just flings!

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