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“Shut up and take my money” technologies #26

I don’t know if any of these technologies or workarounds are currently available or not but I feel the dire need of these in my everyday life.

#1 A technology to find the lost pair of socks.
#2 Not only mobile but anything can be traced by calling on something analogous to mobile number. Like the TV remote or the pair of scissors is always sitting on the top of the counter unless I need it- then its lost.
(1 and 2 look similar to me while proofreading! Not sure why I thought of making 2 separate points in the first place!)
#3 Automatic warning system to prevent me buying things I don’t need. This is more like an AI assisted financial diet.
#4 A system in departmental store that tells me if the newly launched chocolate or the particular stuff I am searching for is present or not and also it’s exact location (A map to the aisle and the row would be wonderful).
#5 If I ever get drunk my phone should smell it and switch to drunk mode. (Contact numbers of exes, crushes, colleagues, creepy guys will be hidden so that I can’t text or call them).
#6 If I browse social networking sites for more than one hour it should redirect to a to-do list that is due because of my procrastinating skill.
#7 Setting limits to the number of times I can scroll the same newsfeed aimlessly.
(Now I can set up how much time I want spend on a particular app at max- Not sure whether digital wellbeing option was available in my phone at the time writing the blog.)
#8 My family can meet me anytime.
#9 Invisible Ink that was shown in “Tom and Jerry”.
#10 A system to prevent me to add sad songs in a loop and willingly jump into sea of despair.
#11 Monitoring the capacity to remember, having the provision to delete particular memory or add a memory chip/some extra brain cells to my brain at the night before exam.
#12 Having cartoon characters in real life… How much I wished them to be real 🙁
#13 A way to witness a situation described in a book, live those moments. Time will be paused until I come back from my trip to the favorite novel.
#14 I will be able to see the continuation of my dream if it’s interesting. Or save them for re-watching.
#15 A system to prevent me from spending all my salary in 1st 2 weeks of the month and starve for the rest.

This post can continue up “to infinity and beyond!” but I must control my emotions and get some sleep now. 😷

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