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Things that nobody told me in College life #25

I wish somebody had told these things when I was struggling with mental health, physical health, confidence and self esteem – during my college days.

First Year in college:

  • “It’s doesn’t matter if you are in Engineering college or something else, you need to study sincerely.”
  • “Although you are in Electronics Engineering. you need to do the mechanics sums like a boss lady.”
  • “If you ignore 1st year Physics, Chemistry its gonna sink your GPA “
  • “Your crush doesn’t deserve you.”
  • “Don’t make your social circle at the mercy of who approached to talk to you.”
  • “Soft-skills are the game changers.”
  • Your roommate doesn’t like you and that’s okay. Don’t take it personally”
  • “Don’t worry about the gossips behind your back.”
  • “Social networking sites are causing your depression. “

Second year in college:

  • “You really need to set some healthy boundaries.”
  • “Being single is far better than being in a relationship with a wrong person.”
  • “Your heart is not even mildly broken. “
  • “Stop hanging out with people who give you bad vibes.”
  • “Learn the programming languages thoroughly. Get the codes embedded in your bone marrow.”
  • “Don’t waste these much of time and effort in the wrong things. Weigh your caliber first.”
  • “Your bestie is actually not your bestie.”
  • “Build and maintain a good sleeping and eating habit.”

Third year in college:

  • “Learn, evolve, grow. Make a strong foundation before trying to reach the Sun and the Moon.”
  • ” You need a strategy for choosing your priorities. “
  • “Girl, you get to hone your programming skills sharp!”
  • ” Nobody is genuine around you. Take everybody’s words with a grain of salt. “
  • “Believe in yourself, you can do this.”

Fourth year in college:

  • “A goodnight sleep is more necessary than you think.”
  • “Stay humble and keep up the good work.”
  • “Don’t think to settle down. It’s only the beginning.”
  • “Don’t let other people decide what you are and aren’t capable of achieving.”

Over all :

  • “You are beautiful in the way you are. But there’s nothing wrong if you try to explore the best version of you.”
  • “The people who are asking for your class notes and asking about doubts before every exam don’t think you as a friend. They are being nice to you just because they need you now. As soon as their needs are satisfied, you will stop existing in their world.”
  • “Treat your mental health with care, make time for hobbies and passion projects.”
  • “Love yourself. Be kind to yourself.”

[Edit: It’s been 6 years since graduation, with time I have learn a lot of lessons in life. Even though this post is like a note to my younger and more naïve self, I feel that it can still be applicable to young boys and girls and students… It’s the little things, the random acts of kindness that can remind us of our true potential.]

I think that’s all I had to say! Thanks for reading and check out my next blog here.

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