Things that nobody told me in College life #25

This post is entirely based on how I feel about my college days when I look back.

First Year:

” It’s doesn’t matter if you are in Engineering college or something else, you need to study sincerely. ”

” Although you are in Electronics Engg. you need to do the mechanics sums like a bawse. ”

” No you can’t ignore Physics and Chemistry too. ”

” Your crush is an a-hole. ”

” Talk to everyone. Then decide whom you want as your friend. ”

” Obtaining soft-skills is hard. ”

” Your roommate doesn’t like you and that’s okay. Deal with it and move on. Don’t ever react like a snob or loser. ”

” Don’t pay heed to what they are saying about you at your back. There are worse things you don’t know.”

” Social networking sites are causing your depression. ”

Second year:

” You really need to move on. ”

” Being single is far better than being in a relationship with a wrong person. ”

“Your heart is not even mildly broken. ”

” Don’t hang with the people who are pulling you down. You don’t need that kind of negativity in life. ”

” Learn the programming languages thoroughly. Get the codes embedded in your bone marrow. That only will help you in earning bread. ”

” Don’t spare these much of time and effort in the wrong things. Weigh your calibre first. ”

” Your bestie is actually not your best friend. ”

” Keep eating. ”

” Keep sleeping. ”

Third year :

” Learn, evolve, grow. Try to reach higher when your roots are strong. Otherwise you will collapse. ”

” You need a strategy for choosing your priorities. ”

” Do you remember coding? Treat your brain with that. You will be needing that soon. ”

” Nobody is genuine around you. Deal with it. ”

” Don’t be a crybaby. You are strong. Have a little faith in yourself. ”

” Stop! That guy will be your worst decision. Don’t you dare to make a move towards him. ”

” Keep swimming. ”

Fourth year :

“You need to sleep. ”

” You have cracked the interview that everyone did. No big deal. Stay humble. ”

” Don’t think to settle down. It’s only the start. ”

” This is the final year. Do your best and that’s it. People who want to put you down, treat them like hurdles.

Jump over them and run!”

” Don’t give anybody the power to harm you. They will definitely do. ”

Over all :

” You are beautiful in the way you are. But there’s nothing wrong if you try to explore the best version of you. ”

” The people who are asking for your class notes and asking about doubts before every exam don’t think you as a friend. They are being nice to you just because they need you now. As soon as you are not beneficial to them, they will not validate your existence. ”

” A little bit fun is also necessary. Make time for your hobbies because this is the last time you are not playing adulthood roles. ”

” I love you! ”

I think that’s all I had to say!

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