People in Rain #24

Rain. It has different appeal to different people. Some people like the rain because of the earthy scent, some people claiming the weather condition as romantic, some people find it best to read and have a cup of coffee and some absolutely hate rain because of the inconvenience and health hazards caused by it. There are more variations of people in rain but today I’m taking just one section of them- people who are outside in rain.

Broadly there are two groups of people in this context.

One: People having umbrella or raincoat

Mini one: These are the people who are always ready for any weather condition. Rain cannot eff with their work. Even if it’s raining they will continue their work as they would do without rain. They would not hear any of your excuses be it rain or flood or apocalypse.

Mini two: Bollywood heroines

I have never met these kind of majestic creature in my life but they own this category. These are the people who have either umbrella or a place to stay dry. They will ignore them all! Neither do they need umbrella nor any shelter. They would rather throw them away and dance and do things( the things are out of scope of this post😶). Even after playing in the rain for the day, they don’t fall sick. This is one of the things that I want out of the films to be true. To be honest if I had done like that, I would catch cold, have fever and die because nobody would say “bless you!” if I sneezed 100 times a day or maybe I had a great life after getting all those 100 blessings that I didn’t ask for.

Two: People having no protection from rain

Mini one: In school and college there were many people around me who never carried umbrella. It’s their choice and I don’t have a problem with that. Eventually none of them were my good friend. The time it started raining and I was indifferent to it as I had an umbrella, everyone got into the random competition of being my Best Friend.

“Remember in 1st standard I kept a seat for you beside me? So you should take me with you!” – said the girl who talked to me 5 years ago.

“I know she likes me. I don’t need to ask her, she’ll take me only.” – thought the random guy who had some unrealistic confidence in his charm.

And there were people who didn’t like the idea of convincing me. Rather they would engage me in talking and take my umbrella and hold it in a way to keep themselves completely dry kicking me out of its scope. I tried to avoid them after knowing their strategy.

Mini two: Girls who are completely drenched and still thinking it’s cool to act like heroines. Guys having no option other than walking in rain trying to convince you that it’s not raining enough to use that umbrella.

Mini three: The Flash!

As the introductory voice in “The Flash” used to say,” I’m Flash, the fastest man alive… ” , these category of people would act like as if they are Flash while it starts raining and as usual they are not carrying raincoat.

Mini four: People who prefer to take a temporary shelter and wait till it stops to rain. For the time when they are waiting hopelessly for indefinite time, they witness the rest of people to get going.

Mini five: While I started writing I didn’t know I would come this far. These are people whom I’ve seen with a broken heart. There are many people who don’t have a proper place for living, while it rains their dwelling place is not far different from open sky. Can you imagine the sufferings? Ceiling is leaking from everywhere, the mother chooses to sleep in the wet part to keep her child dry. The poor guy is trying to protect the veggies from rain. After a heavy rain all of their belongings are under water now. Every year the family faces the same situation. The old lady is afraid that she will not be able to buy food because she had no sale today because of rain.

So this is all I had to say.

Photo by Claudia Dea

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