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What a hot effing mess! #23

Today I came back to Hyderabad from my home town after a 10 days’ visit. This was the first time I visited home after shifting to Hyderabad. These ten days have been quite good but now I am back to reality again.

In these ten days, the weather of Hyderabad has changed a bit in the worse way. It’s 40 degree Celsius outside and it feels even more than that. My apartment has turned into a furnace. When I was lying on my back, it felt like I was being slow-cooked in a vessel. The weather is so dang hot that I am pretty much qualified to write some of these autobiographies.

* The tale of a bbq chicken
* From dough to your favorite pizza
* Autobiography of a freshly baked cake

(to be continued…)

In office too, I had a lot of confusion today. For few days I was not there and today I felt like in the middle of nowhere. It took almost half of the day to get in sync. Anyway another thing I got to see today. The price of all the foods that are available in cafeteria has hiked. Already I had distaste in those foods and now I have to unwillingly spend more money for the thing I don’t like. This is adulthood as told by Jenna Marbles.

One day I came across one of her videos where she referred to adulthood as the time when people need spend money on the things they hate.

It rained for barely 5 minutes today while I was outside. The only thing I’m excited about rain is petrichor (petrichor is the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather), but unfortunately I didn’t get it. Rather a foul smell almost made me throw up. While walking on the road in rain, I could feel the heat emitting from the surface as the raindrops were falling on it. I was not drenched but my dress and shoes were dirty because of this guest appearance of rain!

Now I am done with unpacking, dinner, laundry and an undesired “hot” shower. Now all I’m left with is a battle between sleep and this hot messy weather.

Well, this was one of those days, not so interesting at all… If you are into basic life stories like this one, check out my next blog here! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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