Food is the answer to all of my questions! #21

This post is for 23rd of March. But technically it will be posted after midnight i.e. on 24th.

Today was one of those tiring days. Today I was so much indulged into some research that I ended up stressing my entire body.

Basically we need to sit in front of the computer screen for considerably long time but we take breaks at time to time so that our poor body can bear with this. Today I kind of forgot that my body needs the same breaks as everyday. Anyway, by afternoon I started to feel burning sensation in my eyes, my neck, shoulder everything was hurting. Somehow I managed to finish what I was occupied with and returned home.

At home also, I had to do some works specifically meant for the day. After doing all this I was so tired that I thought to skip journaling for the day. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day too, so I needed some rest.

I arranged my bed and listened to some songs before sleeping. Meanwhile my sister felt midnight craving for milkshakes. After having the milkshake my sleep is gone and I’m kind of ready not to skip my daily routine. Thus I ended up here.

Now, this is one of my most favorite things to talk about or think about. Food! Yes. Maybe you are discussing some serious issue with me or maybe it’s just a boring class. I’m thinking about my lunch or dinner or I am deciding the restaurant and menu for my next hang out. It happens to me all the time.

When I stayed with my parents, it was my habit to open the freezer everytime I went to the washroom. The freezer was just beside one of the washrooms so it was mandatory for me to the greet the foods inside the fridge everytime I passed by. Another thing used to happen a lot. Suppose, I was walking in my room  in some deep thought. Suddenly I found myself standing in front of the freezer, opening the door having no idea about what I wanted or I needed anything at all.

It seemed that many of my questions’ answer were/are food. For example,

Hungry? – Food
Bored? -Food
No work? -Food
Too much work? -Food
Bad mood? -Food
Period cramps? -Food
Awkward situation? -Food
Shortage of topics?- Food

And so on. I’m that kind of person who can not concentrate on studies if there is some good food sitting in the fridge. The food can call me via telepathy or something like that. Until I eat some of it or if there’s a situation that I’ll die after taking one bite more, I will restrain myself.

In adulthood as well, when I’m supposed to spend my money in the cost effective manner, I end up spending almost all my money for food. This is one of the things that I have least self control about.

Another thing I’ve always seen or felt. If I see promotion of a new candy or a restaurant has launched some new range of fancy foods, my soul will remain restless until I burn my whole pocket to get that flavor on my taste buds. That is what I call, “Call of food”.

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