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Meeting my lost sister #20

This must be one of the best things that happened to me in Hyderabad. Who knew that I would meet my sister who got separated from me in some undesirable situation? Isn’t it like a typical hindi movie where 2 lost sisters meet each other after ages and their lives take dramatic turns?

So this is how it happened. As usual I went to cafeteria for having my lunch. I was accompanied by one of my colleagues. He was waiting in a queue for his order while I found exactly 2 seats unoccupied. It’s very difficult to get seats immediately after entering into the cafeteria. For the people like me who suck at musical chairs, it’s even worse. Anyway I walked quickly towards the seats and occupied it. One guy and girl were sitting on the same table on the other side. Both of them were talking and having their lunch. The girl had 2 lunch boxes plus a glass of water. One of the lunch boxes were relatively big, that had rice. The smaller one had some curry. Now this is not something unique. I see this everyday. But how people eat that food out of their lunch box, varies. Most of the people take a plate and put their food on that and eat from that plate. The plates are available in the cafeteria. So basically they bring the plate and do the rest. At least the people who bring small bowl like containers don’t eat from that bowl directly. I found myself the only one to eat from my lunch box. I never take the pain of bringing a plate and putting my foods on it and washing it after I’m done. The girl sitting opposite to me was eating in the same way I eat.

Now this needs to be elaborated. I take a bit of curry from the box, put it on the rice, mix it a little bit and then eat it. Plus I drink water very frequently while having my meal. So this makes the whole process time consuming. As I have already said that the girl had a glass of water with her, she was drinking water in the same way. One bite of food, one sip of water. Though it’s not the right way to eat food, but almost all the time I do this. While observing her uncanny similarities in eating style with me, I also started eating. She was drinking so much water in between her meal that her companion took the glass and put it away from her reach. Then suddenly I realized I too had a bottle in my hand that I almost emptied during my meal. Finally they left as their were done. I was left amazed to find this lost sister of mine who had exactly same and strange eating style like mine! 😐😑

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[Edit: I came across this post almost half a decade after posting this online. I must report that my eating style has changed now. For the sake of this edit, I was looking up on internet whether drinking water during a meal is bad or not. Turns out that there is no substantial proof of drinking water affecting the digestion. However, I don’t take a sip after every bite anymore, I just few sips before starting the meal and few sips after completely finishing my meal! It’s funny how something as trivial as water drinking habit has changed for me over a long course of time without my notice…]

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