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Roommates are potential friends #18

Be it school or college or tuition you can always choose your friends. You always have the chance to find the bunch of people those have common interests as yours or hate the same people.  I can be someone’s friend just because I like his/her taste of music. Everybody has their own criteria for making friends. But there is this roommate with whom you are supposed to live for the entire semester or a year or maybe more than that and you have no effing idea about how the person is going to be.

I lived in a hostel during my college life. It was the 1st time for me so I was pretty much nervous about it. I had 4 roommates which was obviously not a good thing. The space was so less that we could barely walk in the room. As expected all of my roommates were from different cultural backgrounds and students of different disciplines of the same college. Eventually the girl whose bed was next to mine was in the same stream and same section.

So many girls in a single room are destined to end up in a chaotic situation. So did we. We could have given squad goals to everyone else but instead of that we chose to beaching and mean girling against each other. But the good part overdid the shady moments. We all are girls. A girl would never accuse you of making her friend-zoned if you have cried on her shoulder after breaking up with your ex. A girl would never refer to your sentimental side as pms-ing crybaby. A girl would do extensive research work so that you can the perfect reply to your crush. Even though we were not friends in the first place, we were forced to live together, we became friends. The relationship with roommates is somewhat more than friendship and less than BFFs according to me. We spent so many sleepless nights just talking about the silly things we did for the guys who didn’t even care. The best part is when you are sharing the stupid stuffs you have done, somebody  comes forward and says,”Oh my God! This is totally relatable. You know what I did? That’s even worse!” and the gossip  continues for eternity. So I had both high times and cat fight with them.

The next time when I had a roommate was when I moved to a new city for my job. Technically nobody speaks the languages I am comfortable with, so this time I was more anxious than before. Fortunately she turned out to be a nice person who speaks in hindi. So this was 1st common thing between us, both of us had this language problem with the local people. Although we had nothing more in common other than that, we became good friends. To be a good roommate, you need to happily adjust with the other person, so is expected from the other person too. The things that I significantly loved about her were her mindset to adjust, to be extremely considerate, her warm gestures. I always returned from office before her. So everyday she would see me playing in my phone or going through the new feed, the first thing she used to do was to ask me,” How was your day?” with a genuine smile. She used to do this every single day until I left that place. Though I lived with her for a very short span of time, it became our habit to share our every day stories with each other before sleep.

The similarities between your family and your roommate are: none of them is your choice and you spend a significant amount of time of your life with them. They can teach you important lessons of life.
So embrace the family outside family and certainly you will make the best out of it.😁

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