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Anniversary of good decisions #16

It’s Saturday and unlike other weekends I was a little busy this weekend. Usually I don’t make any plans because what’s the use of planning if I’m gonna end up saying to self,

” Sleep is more necessary. Sleep honey, sleep! F- plans! Sleep your life away!”

So this is how my day went. I literally got up from bed at around 11:45 AM, I woke up a bit earlier but was lying on the bed closing my eyes trying to continue the dream I had last night. I used to do this a lot before.
Whenever I realized that I was having a really interesting dream, I tried to fall asleep again so as to continue the dream. My room was locked from inside and the care taker switched off the power from outside assuming that I’m not present. I was  hungry, I needed to pee, I had to switch on the power because it was getting hotter but I choose to sleep for indefinite time. Finally when a lady came to clean my room, I jumped out of my bed.

As expected I missed the breakfast. I had to go to the hospital today to take the test reports and the returns ( details in post #6 ). Basically I had to deposit some money while bringing my sister from hospital. Hospital authority asked me to come later to collect the test reports and the extra amount of money after adjusting the bills. After visiting that hospital for so many times I was kind of hopeless to get the money back. I was still feeling sleepy enough to skip my lunch and life. But I motivated myself reminding about the money and got started. This time luck was in my favour. I returned home, washed my hair, had an awful lunch. My next task was to go to a nearby bakery shop which is pretty much famous here, as I had to buy some chocolates and gifts. Even after returning from there, I had some random works to do.

This is 18th of March. Last year on this day I broke my heart for a better future. Last year on this day, I said “no” to the negativity. Negativity comes in many forms. For me it was a person. Just one year ago, at this time I was a complete different person. I was heart broken and nobody gave me a shoulder to cry on. I knew that my decision was right but when it hurt so badly, I repented my own decision. I suffered for quite a long time before and after the incident but never lost faith in God’s plan for me. And today I am grateful to life.

You must have heard this many times,” Everything is gonna be alright. ” If you don’t believe in that look back in your past, see how many times you made it through when you were about to give up. A paper cut heals in front of your eyes, so does any serious injury.

The healing process is so slow that you need to shrink the time scale to see the progress. One year ago I had no clue how to get over the pain.

But today, I know that I have recovered over time even though I couldn’t see.

[Edit: After 7 years of making that one difficult decision, I am still so incredibly grateful to my younger self. I must tell you guys, in the lowest phases of my life I might have second guessed all the choices I have made in my life- but I have never regretted this one!]

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