Me rambling about Jeans #15

Weekend has started and I just wanna stop the time. This 2-days-long time period seems to pass like a bullet. You can’t even see how it fast passes. I was starving when I started from office to home. Well, I didn’t get the chance to go to the cafeteria and get myself some food. After reaching my apartment I had some snacks and laid down on my bed without even changing. I was so much indulged in my phone that I was going to skip my dinner too. Then finally after winning the battle against the lethargy, I dragged myself to the common room and had dinner. The dinner was awful, so I had some Nutella and biscuits cause I was still hungry. I took a hot shower, put oil in my hairs, did the dishes and laundry and finally settled down for the most peaceful night of the week though  “It’s Friday night and it won’t be long… “

12 hours earlier:

I was in office and as it was Friday, we can wear business casual on this day. I was wearing a blue(don’t know what the exact shade is) jeans and a top. Internet was down for a while, so I started looking here and there although my mind was still busy. Suddenly I saw something and I wanted to disappear immediately out of embarrassment. All this time, I was unintentionally showing my false boner to everyone! That’s how my favorite pair of jeans pays off. Even if I’m a girl and there’s no chance that people would think it in that way, still it’s not less discomforting to me.

So here are a few things I wanna say about “Jeans “.

One: As far as I remember, my first pair of jeans had floral design embroidered on it and I loved it. But now I completely regret my choice.

Two: I started wearing low waist jeans when I was in middle school. At that time my mom didn’t stop me wearing short tops. But everytime I wore low waist jeans my self consciousness overdid my normal activities and behaviour. Though I always wore decently long tops with low waist jeans, I was always afraid that my butt crack is peeping through the imaginary gap between my jeans and top.

Three: By the time when girls around me started wearing skinny fit jeans, pencil jeans and all, I was a healthy kid. Though nobody called me fat but the current trend made me feel bad about my body. It’s like people fixed the standards for our body. Their standards will decide if my body deserves a fashionable outfit or not. Such a irony! And if you are thinking about stretchable pants, that buddy ditched me too.

Four: In my college days, I got pants with no pockets or false pockets. I don’t like to carry mobile in my hand when I’m not using it. But now this pair of jeans will decide my habits.

Five: Then I came across the shredded jeans. Upto my graduation, I lived with my family. My parents thought that if I wore shredded my culture and values would evaporate away from the selectively visible part of my legs. I could not disobey them, after all how can I let my “culture and values ” that they have taught me for nearly two decades to escape my body? So I didn’t even think about buying one.

After graduation, I had to shift to a new city which is far from my home. Now I see every other girl to wear shredded jeans. I know shredded jeans is totally my thing as it provides good ventilation to legs without requiring shaving of full legs. Last month when my parents came to visit me, we went for shopping. I picked one shredded jeans. They simply acted like before. My mood was off for the rest of the day. Now perhaps you are wondering that if I’m living here in a different city, who would see if I’m buying hot pants or anything I want and wearing it here on regular basis. I haven’t done that. Because I have been forbidden so many times and even my mind also gave up on what it liked.
Edit in 2023: The original blog was written by me sometime in 2017, 6 years later, I am here to report that I have found an ally in high-waist jeans now. Crop-top and high-waist jeans are my top favorite everyday wear now.
I absolutely love baggy jeans these days. Not sure if I will ever get back to skin-tight jeans again- they were so uncomfortable.
The fake boner and no room in pocket are still ruling the list of all problems with jeans.

So that’s all I had to say about jeans. 🙂
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