If you are not happy ,it’s not the end #14

It’s not that I’m running out of ideas but today I just want to write about my day, not anything else.

I woke up in the morning, went to office. Now there are some things currently going on there.

One : My pc isn’t working, so I need to sit with other people. I need to shift my place for 3 to 4 times per day and I hardly get a chance to do some work of my own. I have done the formalities so that the concerned authority takes care of my pc but my work is hindered for the delay. Half of the day I do my work, rest of the time I try to resolve the issue of my pc. Though I’m not qualified enough to do that, but I’m trying sincerely.

Two: I’m concerned about the upcoming months, my appraisal and some other things right now. So that is making me a little restless.

Three: It seems that one of my colleagues is avoiding me. I have been observing this for sometime but I don’t think that I will do anything about it. I might be wrong also.

Four: I was having some skin problems and rashes. For that I have been cleaning my clothes and bedsheets very frequently. I never keep my bag and dresses on my bed. Today after coming from office I found a dirty traveller bag fully covered with dust on my bed. I was about to lose my cool.

Five: I looked under my bed and found that housekeepers had cleaned my room and one of my socks is missing. Certainly they had thrown it away with garbage. I have exactly 2 pairs of socks here and now I am left with one. Thanks to the outstanding room cleaning service of my apartment, I totally appreciate their work as they always leave hints of their dedication to work (misplaced things).

Six: I had to take my food out of the freezer. I found kgs of fruits inside it, piled over others’ stuffs. The most interesting thing is, these generous people buy a lot of fruits and throw them into fridge. After that they literally forget about their stuffs. The fruits and veggies occupy so much of space and they emit foul smell after a few days. I get the point that everybody is paying to use the same freezer but at least they should take their effing mess out from the fridge when the foods are no more okay for consumption. After a 30 minutes’ treasure hunt program finally I could find my food.

Seven: To be honest, my salary doesn’t allow me to live in luxury. I spend a lot for food. For dresses, beauty products and grocery I try to spend as less as possible. But when it comes to food, I hardly have any self control. As my mood was already off, I wanted to have some comfort food( none other than expensive junk foods that make you fat). Then my other self was restraining me to order food as I don’t have much money with me now, and it’s been only 16th of the month. Finally my greedy and evil side won, I ordered food. The food was quite tasty but I could only think about the money and put me in a worse mode.

For the things that happened in my office and apartment, I knew who the people are responsible. In apartment almost every week, I see new room cleaning people. I could only talk to the care taker, who would never understand why it is not okay to keep any random shit on my bed and take my socks along with the dirt. From my childhood I had a habit of using limited things at a time. For example I used to have like 2 pens, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1 eraser and 1 sharpener in my pencil box from beginning up to graduation. Dad bought me dozens of pens at a time but I used only one or two at a time, and replaced them only when  they were missing or useless. So if somebody stole my things, I used to feel very bad. That was not because I could not have another one, that because it seemed a great loss to me. I may get another pair of socks when I will visit home but I am still feeling bad for the lost one.

Eight: I took a hot shower. Washed buckets of clothes. I was pretty convinced with the fact that I had a bad day. I was in washroom when  my roommate entered the room. I could hear her crying. Then I realised that somebody had a worse day.

Finally it was time to write a blog and call it a day. Suddenly I got a reply from a friend whom I texted in the morning.  We talked after a long time. Eventually my mood got better, so did my day (or rather night).

You never know how it’s going to end just like my day! So keep faith in God and keep going ahead with positive vibes in mind.

Thanks for reading. Check out my next blog…

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