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Baby I can see your halo! #13

“…It’s been quite a while that we are together. But I have never been so grateful to God for having you before. I know we had hard times but I will relish the moments when you made me a better person. You have made me realise that it’s not the time for settling down or sleeping in peace. Rather it’s the time to build myself, heal myself day by day. I have grown up with you and I wanna grow old you too. I left you because I was immature, insecure and fragile. But now that I’ve seen your halo there’s nothing that can keep me away from you. “

I just took a little part of the letter I wrote to Internet. Anyway, all of that are true. Today’s generation knows it well how great our journey has been with Internet. We will fall short of words if we really want to express our gratitude towards Internet. Now let me you exactly what made me ramble about Internet late at night.

One : I may have seen this many times in many places but this time it got me. I am talking about praying before meal. As I watch videos a lot, this thing particularly drew my attention. One mother was teaching her little children how to eat food with spoon. Before everything she made her children pray to God for the meal. Isn’t it beautiful to take a minute to be grateful for the things we have? Though there will be thousand reasons to complain about but I always thank God before having a meal, that at least I’m fortunate enough to get food when I’m hungry, I have roof over my head. I may not have enough money to buy that designer dress in the mall but at least I have a cup board full of dresses. I may cry over my engineering degree but then I remember the children whose family is living on minimum resources, for whom going to school is a dream yet to come true. Internet has shown me the dark side of world, now I realise how much blessed I am.

Two: I am subscribed to many of the YouTubers’ vlog channels. Besides the unnecessary details of their lives, there are some beautiful messages too. I have watched many of the TedX videos. And in summary I can say, there have been a lot of unsuccessful years before doing something great. The people who are standing in front of us as motivational speakers today, were normal average people like us. They also had spent days closing themselves in a closet contemplating the meaning of life. But they didn’t end up in the fear of failure. They have made their dream come true. So all we need to do is to pursue. For clicking selfies you know which is the best angle to have a flawless photo. Same with Internet. It has caused me depression when I used Internet solely for social networking. But the same Internet has changed my life in a good way.

When you have free WiFi, you can use it to finish your assignment or you can spend the whole time scrolling through the newsfeed or you can do both if you master in time management. Internet will be always there, it’s up to you whether you see the halo or the devilish horns.

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