Trust is blind! #12

There was a time when I had this fb cover pic, a photo of a paper having written ” Trust ” on it and torn in the middle. Perhaps I was in 2nd year,college at that time. Still I hadn’t experienced any major heart break or any incident that had shattered my belief in people. Maybe then it seemed cool to me. But then life happened. Everything changed. Now when I’m actually heart broken, feeling betrayed, struggling with trust issues I no more have a sad or indicating cover photo like that. Rather my profile consists of the fairy tale part of my life, that too in exaggerated way. Now I’m more interested in showing off the brighter part of my life using filter and random positive quotes copied from Internet.

Anyway, my opinions are highly influenced by the experiences I had in my life or the things I have seen to happen to the people around me. So I’m not making any statement for all the people everywhere on this planet. I think love is an overrated thing. I often find people saying that love is blind and I strongly disagree with them. If anything is blind, that is trust. Why love is not blind that I will be writing some other day but today let’s give ” Trust ” the attention it deserves!

When you trust somebody or something, you yourself are taking the risk associated to that. Suppose you are working with some people in a place where even the slightest mistake of them can endanger your life. Now if you are making arrangements so that in any case your life is safe, that means you don’t wanna risk your life trusting them and certainly you are not blind. In the practical scenario you never have a provision to make arrangements to play safe, you have no option other than trusting your coworkers. This is like you can see but now your eyes are blind folded and there is full chance that you can fall from the hill and die!

There are various forms of blind trust I have seen or heard of.

1. Youngsters (I feel like a grandma myself using this word in my early 20’s) find it pretty cool to send nudes or such things to their partners. I would say that the time when you are doing such things you are creating a chance for yourself to fall prey of cyber bullying and other evil things. It’s like you have eyes but want to cross a road with closing them. Why? The moment you are trusting the person with your secrets you are giving him/her the chance to harm you.

2. On a lighter note, suppose you have to eat something and you are not sure if it will be safe to eat it or not. If you don’t have trust, maybe you will not eat that. But if you have trust in the cook or the person who gave you that food or whatever then you will eat that. Now you can’t escape the circumstances.

I am not saying trust is bad even though I gave two negative examples.

“I trust you. Now you decide what you wanna do to me. I am ready for the circumstances.”- you will always find some situation where it’s better to give it a chance, where it’s worthy to take the risks.

Thanks for reading… Check out my next blog.

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