Don’t judge me challenge #11

Recently I have come across many of this “don’t judge me challenge” videos. After watching all those videos I decided to write a few lines about it.

I can hardly tell a challenge that I take seriously on Internet. Normally I don’t find it necessary to take part in every stupid shit that happens on Internet. Most of the time I’m least bothered, otherwise I am just entertained by my fellow netizens. This time it’s a little different. The trend might have got a little old by the time when I came to know about it. My idea about the challenge didn’t fall in the same line with what people actually did in the challenge. So I decided to share this idea.

According to me, don’t judge me challenge could have been like this… The person who accepts the challenge is confident enough show up his/her real self. That’s the real essence of the challenge I think. We are so self-conscious, that we always put on a mask before going to the outside world. We are always bothered about how people will perceive about us and undoubtedly we too do the same. We don’t miss a chance to judge people. Even when it’s none of business, we love to have opinion about everybody. Do you remember the guy who sat next to you in the bus yesterday? You know him for barely 15 minutes but you probably have an opinion about him. We judge everyone. Our brain is equipped to work in that way. We judge the girls who don’t wear make-up. The lady whose baby cries in the supermarket, we judge her too. None of these people are even remotely related to us, still we judge them! And same happens when we go out of our comfort zone. We want to look perfect, so that people cannot judge us in the way we judge them. Yes, I’m in these people too. It takes a lot of courage to free ourselves from the fear of being judged by others. I assumed the challenge to be in that way. As an example, I’m presenting my true self in front of others, the side of mine which I never show in the fear of being judged and bullied.

But the real challenge is way more different than my perception. In short boys and girls make themselves “ugly” using make up and other things, then in the second half they show off their most beautiful avatar, also using makeup and lights. In the first half they show their faces with face marks, artificial unibrow and in the second half they give unachievable beauty standards to the viewers.
If both the looks- the supposedly ugly one and the so-called pretty/handsome one are so far from the person’s true unfiltered appeared- why would we even bother to judge?
Showcasing your self confidently, owning your insecurities and vulnerabilities and being yourself unapologetically- wasn’t that the point of the challenge, “Don’t Judge Me”?

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