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Selfie and self #8

I don’t remember exactly when the craze of selfie hit me but I am quite sure that by that time everyone else was mastering this thing. Selfie became the trend. Youth and Internet were losing over it. And there was me, owner of a mobile with 0.3 mp front camera. I don’t know if that kind of things exist now or not but that was how I started. Then I came to know about the mirror selfie. So no more crying over low resolution front camera. But then the problem shifted to the fixed boring background that I had in the mirror selfies. A bed, a table and chair, a messed up room(not as messed as my life). Plus sometimes mirror selfie called for cleaning of the mirror. Who would take so much of pain for the master pieces that would never appear anywhere. Selfies were for myself, as in I was entertaining myself. Whenever I come across those old photos, I have a good laugh every time.

Things have changed a bit with time. I too started posting selfies, expressing my broke life with pride. People knew that there was just one corner in my bedroom that witnessed the best and the worst selfies of mine and I had very limited dresses. Other than that they have seen all my terrible attempts to keep up with the herd. But I never feel ashamed of this because they have seen me in real life, they really know how I look without filters, how small our apartment is etc. I am grateful to all the people who made me realise that I am not the stupidest or the weirdest in the herd.

Currently what drew my attention to selfie is a random selfie of a girl clicked at a public place. But she was not the only person in the photo. There were some 10 to 14 strangers behind her posing for the same in their respective mobile phones. That’s what I find it extremely uncomfortable about clicking selfies at public place.

Problem no 1. The best background will be so crowded that you will end up clicking some selfies with a bunch of annoying people strangers.

Problem no 2. Everyone around you is seeing you posing in front of your camera.  They are also doing the same. You might have clicked some 132 photos in that time but after applying filters, taking bestie’s opinion and passing through endless voting mechanisms barely one or two photos would make it through your profile picture. The rest will just remain in trash, you don’t expose that crap to anybody. If I take selfies in front of people it seems to me that I’m inviting people to see my unfiltered shit. It’s like I am calling strangers to take my phone and asking them to go through my gallery. Hell no! If you have my gallery and I have yours, I would prefer to take my phone back. End of story.

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