About a time I reacted poorly to criticism! #5

The idea was to just write down my thoughts. But it’s not always easy to categorize my thoughts or pick up a little piece of thought! Some days my thoughts are so tangled and complicated that even I want to ask myself,”How did I get here?” Here’s what made me think today.

I am always busy doing random stupid shit. I do it more when I am tired of overthinking and punishing myself for no reason. By random stupid shit I meant embarrassing myself by doing things that I utterly suck at.  I have been hardly criticized for that. Some people may want me to make a joke of myself . The rest don’t care. But the few times I faced criticism, I made a big deal about it.

It was the time when I was in middle school. I bought a scrapbook and gave it to everyone. I wanted to keep that as a memory.That scrapbook had a column where they had to write few lines about me.Everyone wrote nice things but one girl wrote all the things she didn’t like about me. When I saw it I threw my scrapbook away and cried. I believed that many people secretly hated me.

But now I think that I shouldn’t have overreacted back then, rather I should have considered that as an opportunity to improve myself. I wish I had hugged that girl and thanked her for not being fake with me, for pointing to my flaws.

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