It’s not 15th anymore! #4

It’s no more 15th while I’m writing this. My motivational hypocrisy couldn’t hide the fact that I am a procrastinator.

Today (ugh… yesterday) was one of those normal days. 2 of my companions didn’t turn up so I was all alone with my pc. Having my supervisor sitting in the same cubicle I had no option other than sitting in my place and staring at the system. Plus there were some other reason for which I couldn’t go out. For the whole day I had nobody to talk with because all of my colleagues communicate in the regional language when it’s not a formal discussion. I have no clue what they talk about ,what they laugh about. Sometimes it seems that they are discussing about me and I assume something from my point of view, which is not necessarily right always. Here most of the time I have to start a conversation. So the battle between “What if people think that I’m too desperate or annoying” and “I should have a social life” always goes on inside me. Needless to say what over does the other.

So the day was almost over and I was still struggling with some of my work.Suddenly one of my colleagues stepped in and asked me where I’m stuck. He managed some time and came to see the matter .No wonder my problem was solved in few minutes and I could leave for home at time. I wish somebody could solve all my problems like this but in life that will be called a miracle!

While walking towards my home I was thinking about my life, it’s like a bus ride with completely unknown co-passengers. it’s a long journey and my phone is dead. So I started talking to the people sitting beside me, they might be quite nice. But I shouldn’t expect that they would accompany me in the whole journey. They might get down earlier. Some new people might also come and sit beside me. But no matter what happens I should enjoy ride. Same applies to life.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not 15th anymore! #4


    (February 15, 2017 - 9:00 pm)

    Please write properly if you want your viewers to read your stuff.
    Writing properly includes:
    – Use proper grammar.
    — “Suddenly one of my colleagues stepped in and asked me where I’m stuck.” (It should have been carried over from the previous sentence. Else, use this – One of my colleagues suddenly stepped in and queried where I had got stuck.)
    — “So I started talking to the people sitting beside me,they might be quite nice.” (As I started talking to my fellow passengers, I felt they may be quite nice.)
    — “Plus there were some other reason for which I couldn’t go out.”
    Really poor use of grammar.

    – Use proper punctuation.
    — You missed quite a lot of commas and misplaced quite a lot of periods (fullstops).
    — Some sentences are incomplete, while others are dragged too long.
    — ”’s a long journey ” (What kind of capitalization / punctuation is this?)

    – Use proper spacing.
    — There are multiple instances where spacing is very bad. Remember, always use a blank after a period (fullstop) and not before.
    — After writing, please select the whole text and use Justified alignment to properly align the text.

    Other than that, I will not comment on the context. It was really hard to understand your writing.

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