Best Valentine’s Day of my life #3

I wish every single day of my life was as beautiful as today was. It seems that my heart is pumping happiness to my body instead of blood! I am so contented that not even a single cell of my body has complaint about life. The reason behind my happiness is after a long time I could spend a day according to my plan and at least for one day life was up to my expectation.So the day went like this…

I woke up in the morning, freshened up, got dressed ,did my hair, had my breakfast and started for office. I had an interview, prepared for a presentation on the technology I am currently working on, finished some other pending tasks. On my way to home I stopped by the grocery shop, bought some stuffs. I returned home, watched some YouTube videos, changed my dress ,did the dishes, washed my clothes, took a hot shower and settled down with my laptop.

Now these are the things I do every effing day, so why am I so happy? Because I totally forgot that today is Valentine’s Day. I was focused to my work, I behaved nicely with everyone, I was not waiting for other people to make me happy, that’s how I want myself to be every single day of my life.

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