Thoughts of a Monday Morning #2

Today must be the 2nd last day of “valentine week” but I didn’t care to find what day it is!Coming to the topic,I can’t decide which of these 2 ‘m’-words I hate more : Monday or morning

Though I don’t want to be called demanding I want at least 2 weekends in a week of 7 days. In case it’s an extended weekend being Monday a holiday for some occasion , there is no chance to have less complaints about life on Tuesday morning.That’s me!

I stay in an apartment from where  it takes 30 minutes of sleepwalk (walk with half closed eyes taking 2x of normal time) to reach office.So to be in office by 9 o’clock I need to get up at least 40 minutes before 8:30.For this my alarms look like this,

7 : 10 am
7:20 am
7:30 am
7:40 am

7:50 am and so on. No matter how sound my sleep is I master the perfection.The perfection of waking up exactly one minute prior to the alarm and switching it off and sleep again like a loyal and dedicated clinomaniac. Finally it’s 7:55 am when my roommate’s alarm starts screaming and this is the time I finally get up and sit.

But it’s still not the time to step on the floor and make way to washroom.Rather I would stay for another 15 minutes on bed doing the following things.

  1. Revising all the social networking sites for thrice which have no new content to show because I was on phone upto 3 last night.
  2. Counting the leaves I am left with.
  3. Thinking about the consequences if I take another nap.
  4. Analyzing the meaningless dreams I had last night which have nothing to do with my real life.
  5. Rebuking myself for wasting the whole weekend , for not being productive.
  6. Feeling guilty about staying till late at night and so on…

Finally I stretch my limbs and start my day saying, “Just a few hours, Bed! I will try to come soon.”

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