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How to Attract positivity #1

In early twenties either people are too focused to get the right job, do the right things or confused as hell!

Some people are still not aware of what they want from life or how they are going to achieve it. Listening to motivational speakers leave them motivated for 1 day or 2 days maybe. But for doing something big you need a constant and free supply of motivation (but all we want is free wifi!).

During the course of time when you are trying to figure out what you need to do, it’s also equally important that nothing or nobody distracts you from finding you true value and purpose. For that you have to distance yourself from all kinds of negativity.

Negativity doesn’t come into our life with a label on it. You have to identify them on your own. Say no to all of them, who think what you are doing is worthless. Even the bad decisions also teach u good lessons, right? The people who want to set limit for others, stay away from them as well. You are going to set limits to your ability. But before that try everything, otherwise you will never know what gems are hidden inside yourself. Discover your fears and face them. You know what? Your fears are actually afraid of you, once you start facing them, they will flee away.

Nobody is going to give you an opportunity, you have to fight for your own. Be calm, not all the external situation need your response. Master your mind, learn how to stay calm and composed even in difficult situation. Surround yourself with wise, motivating, peace-loving people and there is no doubt you will learn new things everyday which will help you in the long run.
[Edit: I am incredibly grateful to my past self to be vulnerable and yet brave to come forward and say this things out loud. I hope, we all can a find a glimmer of light within ourselves even in the darkest phases of our life…]

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